What Is The Future Of Digital Marketing Jobs In India?

Prior to the invention of internet and social media, we all relied on the traditional form of advertising like door to door salesmanship, ads on the radio in between the programs, then came the television with numerous ads lined up one after the other. Presently, it is the internet that has bagged the top slot. Internet access globally is a miracle in itself and in turn has made the use of mobile phones, computers, laptops an essential ingredient in everyone’s life. As a result digital channels both in strength and volume have grown enormously. Many experts are also of the opinion that following the coronavirus pandemic, the future of digital marketing jobs in India looks on the brighter side. With social distancing practiced worldwide, more people are spending their time online, thus leaving a considerable window of opportunity for digital marketers to seize this moment.

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A mobile phone has become the basic need of every individual be it educated or not. With the advent of the internet and almost everyone having access to social media and online surfing where all possible information is available at the tip of the fingers, the future of digital marketing in India is extremely bright. The power of digital marketing is such that it has left no geophysical barriers thereby making all consumers as well as businesses their potential customers and suppliers in this vast universe.There has been a substantial impact on advertisement and marketing due to digital marketing.

Future of digital marketing jobs in India looks optimistic

According to a survey by the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), there are over 500 million internet users in India. India is the second largest online market in the world after China. Using this medium to its full strength, India has transformed it into a full fledged market. As we all know, fulfilling the needs of the customers is the topmost priority of any business, be it from the basic household items to large scale industrial equipment.

These days, each and every product is marketed and sold through the internet thereby reaching to the enormous Indian population. This marketing strategy is in fact more effective and affordable too. The trend of digital marketing began only a few years ago but has bull dozed and flourished as a prime source of bringing business through the internet. Presently, digital marketing is growing at the rate of 25-30% annually.

India holds the record of the world’s largest Facebook population. It is through these high speed digital platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. which is so vast that one can connect with anyone in any corner of the universe. As the number of laptop and mobile users is increasing so is the digital marketing spreading too. It seems unimaginable that the tools of marketing have changed from humans to gadgets.

The earliest online connectivity began with the introduction of Michael Aldrich 0nline shopping, a few years later was followed by the Thomson Holidays UK. In 1996,  IndiaMART B2B was launched. In 2007, Flipkart, an e-marketing enterprise was established in India that used digital means for its marketing purpose. This was a major turning point that changed the marketing structure in India. This undoubtedly resulted in a giant rise of mobile phone users, followed by online shopping being the most exciting adventure.

With incredible deals online, food home deliveries in no time etc. saw a huge surge in sales all round. Businesses soared as digital marketing became a means to popularize their brands.The initial belief that online shopping was sham has changed dramatically. With the dense population that India has there are ample opportunities being created for the public in general be it a career in digital marketing, online marketing jobs, freelance digital marketing, etc. to name a few.

With a huge penetration rate of internet surfers that India has, there is bound to be a rapid growth in this field and that’s the reason freshers and professionals too are looking to build a career in digital marketing. Many major organizations as well as new start-ups, have realized that businesses without a digital presence are bound to fail  and are therefore investing in these activities.

Keeping all this in focus many institutions are offering degree courses in digital marketing both as inhouse as well as online facility.  Digital marketing agencies themselves have begun their own academy where they teach prospective students. Using the simple funda of demand equals supply, and with demand on the constant rise, many more academies are on the go with bright new ideas to train the future digital marketing managers.

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Talking about online marketing, one must not forget that in this era of technology, there is bound to be a constant change in marketing strategies. People get bored very easily with the same old ad so a change at quick intervals is essential. This can be achieved by improving strategies with new techniques and a personal touch by digital marketing managers can go a long way in conquering the target audience and keeping them engaged.

The scope of digital marketing in India is reaching new heights with the use of digital platforms for web stories, entertainment, sports, career and business growth. With the emergence of a variety of digital platforms, there is a surplus of opportunities in the future of digital marketing jobs in India. A career in digital marketing looks promising in the coming years.


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