The Return on Investment is Solid and a Very Critical Metric in the L&D Space Today

Pallavi Kar, Associate Director, Human Resources, Tablespace Technologies speaks to India Employer Forum about L&D initiatives, advice for people in management roles and more.

She said, “Attrition is increasing in organisations, but attrition is increasing for employees or the workforce which is not ready to reskill or upskill themselves. While high attrition rates can be challenging in the shorter run, they drive organisations to focus more and more and invest more and more in L&D. When companies face frequent turnover, they recognize that there is an inherent need to upskill and reskill their employees, and that’s what leads to an increased investment and with L&D and HR’s evolving nature of work. Continuous learning has gained a lot of importance right now. Companies are recognising the importance of ongoing employee development so that they can stay competitive in the market so that they can also retain talent as well as attract new talent which is relevant to the particular field. So, there has been a very considerable shift towards more strategic and continuous L&D initiatives”.

“So, is L&D more into ROI and has the focus shifted? Yes, the return on investment is solid and a very important critical metric in the L&D space today. Any organisation when they’re investing in money, they’re seeking more measurable outcomes for any of their training programs. So, when I say ROI, it is not necessarily in terms of only the monetary benefit but also in terms of behavioural benefits. For example, let’s say I invested in a training program as An organisation. Has it been impactful for my employees and ensuring that their behaviour has changed? Thus, aligning them more towards the organisational objective or has it been a direct increase in terms of investment or a reduction in terms of attrition?”

Watch the full interview: In Conversation with Pallavi Kar, Associate Director of Human Resources, Tablespace Technologies

About Pallavi Kar

Pallavi Kar is an award-winning HR Thought Leader, keynote speaker, and panellist with 16 years of experience. She is currently working as an Associate Director of Human Resources at Tablespace Technologies. She has been recognised as one of the Innovative and Emerging Leaders by National Business Excellence & WIN, by HRAI & ETHR World as top 40 under 40 HR Emerging Leaders in HR innovation and people management and as an Emerging Woman Leaders- Golden Aim Awards. Pallavi comes with expertise in Change Management, Talent Management and Development, Organizational Development, Executive Assessments and Coaching. She is a certified Master Trainer for training L&D professionals and Leaders and a specialist in Executive and Life Coaching, Project Management, Leadership and behavioural Training Delivery, Competency Mapping, Training the Trainers, Instructional Design, Content Creation and curation for virtual or classroom, Vendor Assessment and management, and Contract Negotiation.

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