HR Technology Trends That Are Gaining Impetus In 2021

2020 was the year that changed everything for the corporate world. Organizations witnessed irrecoverable damages, overnight reboots, and gradual recoveries. Likewise, HR technology trends saw a herculean swing during the pandemic, with organizations turning to new technologies such as Zoom, Google Meet, Toggl, and more to salvage their sinking ships. And astonishingly, some of these apps turned out to be favorable for human resources to track day-to-day activities. The pandemic expanded HR potentials and motivated them to take the risk and attempt new technologies, which they wouldn’t have otherwise. However, it’s unfair to give full credit to the pandemic, as the HR leaders were already moving on from manual to technology-based operations in the last decade.

The HR technology trends have been rapidly evolving every year, and the HR department is no longer handling onboardings and layoffs manually in an organization. To begin with, paperwork and overlooking hiring processes were one of the many (and not the only) key responsibilities assigned to the HR professionals. And with the pandemic throwing the whole system in the fire, technology emerged as a redeemer for the HR leaders to reboot the system with rapidity and agility. With the hybrid model emerging as the front-runner to keep the businesses running and successful, the HR technology trends played a huge role in making the pandemic a smooth ride for the corporate world. 

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And when it comes to the HR industry, the technology boom will change the way human resources manage people. According to Gartner’s research, although HR leaders are reckoning to cut the budget this year, 90% are affirmative to invest in technology to improve agility, productivity, workforce management, and training processes to meet the changing needs of the markets. Worldwide, HR leaders are abiding by new-age HR technology trends to bridge the gap between man and machine and are reinstating new ways to handle the people side of the management. Gone are the days when HR professionals were manually collecting data, looking for recruits, or chasing talents in the labor markets. The AI and other HR-based apps are taking over and giving the HR management ample time and space to focus on substantial projects.

Since the market, consumer, and employee needs are constantly changing every year, it is imperative to stay up to date with the latest trends to sustain revenue, productivity, and competitiveness. With AI-based apps and technologies prophesized as the future of HR, here are top six  HR technology trends in 2021:

Enhance employee’s working conditions: Both experts and HR leaders believe that hybrid working models and remote working patterns are here to stay, and AI-based apps will only make their grasp stronger in the future. HR leaders are already investing in talent management, attendance tracking, and several other employee-based apps to bridge the communication gaps and monitor employee’s work progress. However, these working conditions have had their respective downsides, with employees complaining of burnouts and pressure of being monitored. Hence, HR leaders are eyeing apps that will help employees balance their personal and professional life without feeling isolated or burned out.

AI-based recruitment process: Chatbots are now taking over recruitment processes and HR technology trends too. Before the pandemic, virtual recruitments were open for talent beyond borders only, but not anymore. Recruitments are now virtual, making the process agile and easy for human resources. In addition, chatbots are operating petty tasks such as collecting data, scheduling appointments and rummaging talent through the labor markets to help HR professionals focus on face-to-face and other high-level tasks. Also, AI-based recruitments will increase diversity, equality, and inclusion by eliminating biases and duplications during hiring processes.

Privacy and transparency: Privacy of employee data is crucial for HR professionals to build trust and amiability with the workforce. Given how data breaches and cyber crimes are common today, HR leaders can now use AI-based computation for encryption, securing, analyzing, and maintaining employee data without fearing leaks. With AI, HR leaders can maintain transparency during performance management and evaluation, thus enhancing employee experience and boosting motivation meter inadvertently.

Performance management: Performance management and evaluation do not have to be an annual event anymore. The HR technology trends in 2021 propose quicker, real-time (weekly/monthly) performance evaluation to help HR and team leaders revise strategies and improve productivity. Tracking real-time evaluation and transparency will also help employees stay updated on their performances and aid leaders in making necessary amends to their expectations from these employees. A win-win for the organization and the employees that will help improve overall productivity and employee experience in the long run.

Team fluidity: HR technology trends of 2021 are favorable towards cross-functioning teams and team fluidity to build the overall resilience of the workforce, especially during a pandemic. How can it help? These AI-based engagement apps and interactive platforms can help HR leaders bridge communication gaps and help employees explore broader perspectives and new skills with intra-organizational team-building activities.

Employee wellness: Employee wellness is as crucial as employee performance for high productivity. When the pandemic struck, employees had no options but to take up more responsibilities, work longer hours, and deliver required performances despite stumbling blocks such as communication gaps, lack of motivation, training, and more. Naturally, they felt isolated and burnt out by the end of 2020. The new HR technology trends are all about HR leaders focusing on employee wellness, health, and finances to churn out high engagement, quality, and productivity.

To conclude, it’s fair to state that the gap between man and technology is swiftly narrowing with new HR technology trends proposing AI-based apps and softwares to enhance employee experience. The world of HR is rapidly moving towards a booming tech era that will change how HR professionals recruit, manage, evaluate, and strategize for the organization. With most HR technology trends being AI-based, monotonous and petty tasks will soon be automated and chatbot-driven, so HR leaders and professionals can focus on substantial and higher-level duties. Also, the employee and consumer needs are constantly changing, and AI is the future of the corporate world— hence the new decade will witness HR leaders making colossal investments in AI and technology to improve, sustain, and thrive.


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