Cloud Industry Boom: What Does It Mean For Job Seekers?

The cloud industry has been a witness to unprecedented growth in the last decade or so. Pandemic or not, the cloud industry was already on its way up. But what is quite evident is that the pandemic required businesses to accelerate their move to the cloud, which has resulted in even more staggering growth of the cloud in the last 7-8 months. The figures of cloud adoption during this time have gone beyond every prediction. Whether it is software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), or infrastructure as a service (IaaS), all the public cloud offerings have seen a tremendous increase in their popularity and adoption in recent months.

No wonder businesses’ IT spending in cloud infrastructure has gone up a few notches as well and is expected to follow this growth pattern for some time to come in the future. What this has led to is a significant increase in cloud computing jobs. People with the required technical skills or those that have started upgrading their skills or acquiring a new set of skills after seeing these trends in the cloud industry can expect to land high paying jobs, in a time when other industries are still suffering the effects of the pandemic.

People with the right technical skills in the cloud industry can expect their careers to continue growing. According to a study by Great Learning, India will be amongst the biggest hubs for cloud computing jobs in the future. The study expects India to create over one million of these jobs in another two years’ time. 

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The cloud computing industry already has a lot of jobs and will have even more in the future. But the people who are looking to make the most of these opportunities available to them need to go that extra mile in not only recognizing the right set of skills that can give them an upper hand but also acquire them to improve their chances of finding a good job.

On the other hand, companies looking for candidates to fill their cloud computing job openings prefer those that have the technical skills and are willing to learn to excel in the ever-changing cloud industry. Whether it is the cloud industry or any other industry, candidates that companies hire need to show their eagerness to evolve and learn.

The current job market is all about the survival of the fittest and most flexible. Candidates that take little time in skilling themselves and are flexible enough to adapt themselves to the changes are deemed the right fit by most companies. There is an increase in demand for people with cloud computing skills because of the growing adoption of the cloud. However, their supply is scarce. Companies have to hire without a proper skill match and provide them in-house training before they become adept at fulfilling their respective roles.

There are more cloud computing jobs than ever; however, there aren’t enough skilled resources to fill those. This is amongst the hottest skills right now and it is important for job seekers to realize this so that they can make an attempt at acquiring the right skills and making themselves relevant in this job market.

Reference: “The growing demand and job prospects in the Cloud industry” by Christopher Richard on 3 December 2020

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