Company Initiatives and How it Can Stimulate Back to Office Strategy

Most companies have reinitiated their return to work plans. While many have already shifted to hybrid work, others are still thinking about what they should do, given the uncertainty caused by the pandemic. To prepare a solid and effective strategy of returning to work, companies should make sure that they use technology whenever necessary. However, it is always good to know what employees think about company initiatives before moving ahead. The same goes with the return to work plan.

So what exactly do employees feel about going back to the office? Most employees still think that working remotely or from home is the right option, considering the emergence of new variants every few months. And some are currently working from home but would prefer the hybrid model if given a chance. Those already working from the office would also love to switch to the hybrid way of work. While most employees prefer hybrid, they want their employers to agree to a flexible work schedule. 

Companies need to realize how important it is to understand what employees want in these testing times. And with the recent observation of Great Resignation, companies will have to develop a solution to retain employees. The majority of employees who have already moved or are planning to do so in the future want to work from home but can’t or are not allowed to due to several reasons; their job role is not allowing them to be one.

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Companies also need to know about what employees look for in their new job and company. This will allow them to be better prepared to lure and welcome top talent and retain them as well. Most employees look for some of these factors, including compensation, work schedule, flexibility, opportunities, development, culture, and company reputation.

Technology can be a great way to know what company initiatives are required to return to work so that employees don’t feel overwhelmed and take in their stride without much distress. Decisions backed by data are always better and more effective. Also, it is essential to have tools to measure what employees feel and how these company initiatives and decisions impact employees’ productivity. If the return to work decision is made without factoring in this critical data and understanding what employees want, it will likely be a failure.

Company initiatives should be based on data and aim to improve employee engagement and experience. So, even if it is a company’s return to work plan, it should not be made just based on what the management or some of the high earning employees think. Every employee is as important, and so it is a company’s responsibility to involve each employee in the decision-making process.

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