Analytics Jobs In India Looks Better Than Just Bright

Nowadays, the hottest skills that most businesses are looking for include analytics and data science, AI, automation, data management, big data, and IoT. Given which, the demand for analytics jobs in India has risen to unprecedented heights. Businesses no longer focus too much of their time and effort in finding candidates that are capable of performing routine jobs but are more concerned about hiring people who can help them grow and improve their decision-making by training machines and providing data-based insights.

Newer, smarter, and more advanced technologies provide businesses the technological platform to function more efficiently. However, this also requires either skill enhancement of the existing workforce or switching to a completely new workforce that comes equipped with those skill sets. In most cases, businesses choose to go with a mix of both these approaches. They keep certain people who they think are capable of learning a new skill and hire fresh talent that not only comes with that skill set but is zealous enough to make the most of this opportunity, which in most likelihood, is their first.

This is the reason the demand for professionals with expertise in analytics and data science is gaining momentum. We now have twice as much data that we had a couple of years ago to make sense of. No wonder a career in web analytics is currently one of the most desirable professions in India. The demand for professionals with this skill set, as many studies suggest, is quite high. However, the supply is still not enough to fill those positions. Is there enough effort put to bridge this gap? Well, that’s a topic that we can discuss in the future. This article will focus entirely on how fast the analytics jobs landscape is growing in India.

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What do stats related to data analytics jobs in India say?

A study by Great Learning, in collaboration with Analytics India Magazine, set out to examine the increase in demand for people with skills in analytics and data science, revealed quite interesting and somewhat surprising figures. This study that was conducted in 2018 provided insights into how more and more people are showing their interest in learning these skills to land a job that’s financially rewarding and emotionally satisfying. The study helps companies and their hiring partners understand the importance of becoming more aware of their talent requirements and finding people that can fill the skill gap that currently exists in their workforce. 

Key highlights of this study

  • There were as much as 97,000 open positions in the analytics and data science segment in 2018, and this number is only expected to rise in the future. There was an increase of 45% in the open job positions in this segment.
  • Bengaluru topped the list of the cities that provide most analytics jobs in India. Delhi NCR and Mumbai constitute the other two places in the top three locations on this list. Tier-B cities were also tipped to join this job market in the near future.
  • BFSI sector posts the maximum requirements for analytics talent. E-commerce and telecom sectors occupy the second and third positions in this list.
  • As compared to 2017, the report suggested a rise of 2% in the number of analytics jobs in India that offered a yearly salary of more than 15 lakhs in 2018.
  • The demand for young talents is on a rise. Out of all the job postings in this segment, 21% included analytics jobs for freshers, indicating a significant increase in jobs that favour junior level analytics professionals.

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What do these figures mean?

These figures present a positive picture of the job market that are looking for candidates proficient in data science and analytics skills. They also reveal that people who possess these skills will have the opportunity to work with top companies, such as Honeywell, Amazon, E&Y, Accenture, Deloitte, KPMG, and Dell International amongst others. Depending on their specialization, candidates can take any of these: Business Analyst, Analytics Consultant, Analytics Manager, Research Analyst, Statistical Analyst, SAS Analyst, or Data Analyst jobs.

The future for analytics professionals seems bright; however, they need to continue upgrading their skills to not only stay relevant in this competitive job market but also make the most of the opportunities that this market will generate in the times to come.


“Analytics and Data Science Jobs in 2019” by Richa Bhatia on 28 February 2019

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