Importance Of IoT In Human Resources

Human Resource personnel are responsible for monitoring and enhancing employee relationships from the time of hiring till the time of relieving. They are responsible for hiring the required talent for their organizations to close skill gaps and ensure the well being of employees while they are at the firm by offering them various services.

How to apply IoT In Human Resources

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the millions of devices around the world that have now been connected via the internet. All these devices are collecting and sharing data thanks to the super cheap computer chips and wireless networks that can turn something as small as a pencil to something as big as a Cruise ship into a part of the IoT.  Connecting all these different objects and adding sensors to them gives them digital intelligence, which allows them to send and receive real time data without human involvement. Here’s how organizations can apply IoT in human resource management

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  • Employee health and well being is a major concern for employers as a healthy employee can provide more productivity that leads to more revenue. HR managers can use IoT devices to keep track of employee health. Wearables can gather data about food intake, walking distance, vital readings of the employees which can help employees to monitor their health. IoT can also help in dealing with sick building syndrome, which refers to medical conditions caused by polluted indoor air, by using IoT devices to facilitate air ventilation.
  • The Human Resource department has to keep track of employee absenteeism and reporting times to process payroll. For that they can make use of RFID tags with sensors attached to the employee Identity cards. Through that Human Resource personnel can easily keep track of the time and day the employee has come to office and process payroll accordingly. IoT sensors can also be used to monitor precise work hours of desk jobs. By embedding the IoT sensors close to the employee system the HR personnel can find out how much time the employee has spent at his work desk.
  • Finding ways to increase productivity is one of human resource functions. One way that they can use IoT to improve productivity is by making sure the employee is alert all through the time he or she is at the office. For that they can make use of eye tracking technology that uses sensors to detect eye movement. Through eye tracking technology HR personnel can find out specific hours where an employee feels sleepy and the background noises that distract the employee. To address this issue HR can organize time management and stress management sessions.
  • Honest feedback is very important for HR personnel, as it allows them to make decisions to improve the workplace and the employees as well. Cameras can take images of an employee right after meetings. These images can be sent over the Internet and then analyzed to find out if the employee is feeling happy or not with the way things are going. And further sessions can be organized accordingly.


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