Use Of Artificial Intelligence In HR

The scope of artificial intelligence is getting wider by the day. It is defining newer and more simplified ways of operating businesses. The role of artificial intelligence in HR can be more far reaching than expected. It can be used to accomplish and automate a set of HR tasks and functions that are driving businesses away from focussing on their strategic scope of work. Artificial intelligence has the power to reinvent human resources. Right from talent acquisition to creating exceptional employee experience and more, AI is the ideal way to bring more efficiency into human resources processes.

The role of AI in HR is seeing new improvements and additions and changing the way HR is supposed to function within an organization. Artificial intelligence in human resources is all about combining people, processes, and technology in a way that they work together to bring maximum value at the minimum cost.

No wonder artificial intelligence has been the most popular trend in HR in the recent years. AI is being used as that intelligent machine that is rational and flexible at the same time and that acts to maximize the chances of the accomplishment of certain goals. AI in the human resources sector is tipped for success because it has the capabilities to allow HR managers to work on their focus areas, which is to source, hire, engage, and develop humans. It helps in building intelligent machines that are capable of keeping organizations and HR managers focussed on various needs of both candidates and employees.

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However, it is important to understand the true scope of artificial intelligence for HR and the value it delivers to organizations to make the most of what this technology offers. It is very important for HRs to keep themselves up-to-date with ever changing trends of AI to ensure that they are putting its most effective use that will benefit an organization and its people.

So how exactly do AI and HR work together? Artificial intelligence combines the capabilities of logical computing techniques and the data assimilated from pre-programed algorithms to provide HRs with real time decision making abilities. The use of artificial intelligence in human resources management brings two very diverse yet compatible aspects in close contact with each other. The overriding human factor in HR and the intelligence of machines can help companies improve the overall experience they deliver to candidates and employees alike.

Artificial intelligence, as everyone knows, can make machines build and imitate human intelligence. This allows machines to comprehend and change their responses immediately based on data. As a result, these responses are more accurate and effective. HR services can use this ability of AI machines to create experiences that are backed by data.

Before understanding the different areas of HR where AI can be used, it is important to know about all the different branches of AI that are at work in making things easier for HR professionals. Deep learning, machine learning, and predictive analytics amongst others are the most widely used AI applications in HR. So it is quite clear that there are different applications of the same technology that help bring more efficiency in different HR processes. For example, machine learning and predictive analytics are used to make better decisions related to talent acquisition and attrition. Mentioned below are a few key HR areas where AI is proving quite useful.

  • Talent acquisition: One of the most tedious and time-consuming tasks that HR professionals have to perform is sifting through profiles of hundreds of candidates and then shortlisting a few on the basis of their qualification, experience, and skills. Artificial intelligence makes this task a breeze. HR can shortlist the right candidates for a job within minutes using AI applications. 

These applications can compare candidates’ qualities with the requirements of a job to find the perfect match. By automating this task, organizations can also eliminate human bias and error. However, in the later stages of recruitment when the process becomes more difficult for the machine to act, the hiring manager must intervene. But with AI, HR managers can save more time and invest it in other important tasks.

  • Training: AI can provide automated training and evaluation solutions to human resources based on their needs. HR can use this technology to not only find out skill gaps in employees but also prepare training programs that can fill those gaps. 

Though e-learning programs are still more popular for ongoing employee training, they hardly provide employees with solutions that are based on their training needs. With AI, HR managers can create more organized learning programs that are tailored to the specific needs of the employees.

  • Employee retention and exit: It won’t be right to expect AI to replace the face-to-face meetings that HR managers take to understand the needs and grievances of employees. However, AI can still help organizations in improving its employee retention rates. AI systems can be used to help employees reach a development manager who is very well capable of addressing their concerns. They can also be used to direct employees to an internal opportunity.

When organizations have such systems in place, they provide their employees with enough reasons to be satisfied with their jobs. AI implementation can compensate for the lack of attention, which is often one of the biggest reasons that makes employees think of leaving an organization. There are other AI systems as well that predict when an employee is planning to quit based on their communication and behavior. It gets this data from employees’ emails, browsing history, and other computer activities. This can help HR in preparing for the future or trying to retain the employees that are planning to leave.

Artificial intelligence can completely change the way things function in human resources. It can help in improving employee productivity in addition to analyzing and predicting employee needs. It is a great tool for HR to keep the people at an organization, happy and content.


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