When You Know You Have Found The Right Candidate For The Job

Spotting great talent is one of the essential skills that a recruiter should have to succeed. It is no secret that today’s market is experiencing a shortage of skills. So, it becomes essential for recruiters to use their experience and skills to find the right candidate to fill an open position. The clues that indicate that a candidate is ideal for the job start as soon as recruiters initially go through their CV. 

Recruiters who have been involved in the hiring process for a long enough period find it easier to notice candidates’ positive and negative traits in different phases of the interview. Some of the things that make a candidate unfit for a job include – if they don’t honor time and come in late for the interview, if they aren’t transparent about their past employment records and are giving answers that don’t match the information in their CV, if they are saying all the wrong things about their previous experiences, and more.

And one thing that most recruiters agree with is that it is much easier to find negative traits in candidates. When it comes to spotting positive features or characteristics or qualities that make someone the right candidate for a job, recruiters need to be extra careful and diligent. However, learning about these things is very important to determine whether or not a candidate is good enough to be selected for the next round of the interview process. By figuring out these qualities in candidates, it is easier for recruiters to let the hiring process flow smoothly. So, what are the indications and signs that a recruiter can look out for to hire the right candidate for a job?

To begin with, the suitable candidates know what they are doing and are completely aware of things they are good at and those they need to work on. Candidates who take time to collect information about the company and the open position they will be interviewing for are amongst the best candidates. They know what to expect from an organization and are willing to start as early as possible. These candidates know a great deal more about the company than others and show eagerness to learn even more about the company and its products/services.

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Having said that, this knowledge should be just restricted to a company’s products and services but also its value and culture. When a candidate says that they align with the company’s goals, mission, and values, it is doubtful that they will make a switch anytime soon, even if they are offered a higher salary. If a candidate appears to have given time to learn about the organization they are willing to work with, they are the ideal fit for the job.

There is always a lot of fuss around finding the perfect candidate. Recruiters need to realize that there is nothing as perfect. Every candidate comes with their qualities and flaws. Whether or not they are honest enough to admit those flaws and are willing to work on them should be the criteria for someone being considered over others. So, if a candidate says that they are good at tech things but don’t particularly enjoy presentations in front of people, recruiters should give them a chance against those who are not willing to own up to their flaws. Being self-aware is an essential quality that differentiates the best talent from the rest.

A candidate saying all the good things about themselves in their previous roles might not be telling the truth. They just might be painting a pretty picture to please the interviewer. This is where the skills of a recruiter are put to the test. Though they might be tempted to move further with the candidate who boasts of an almost unblemished track record, they must check the credibility of the furnished information before making any decision. And it is always better to give a chance to those candidates who admit their mistakes and let the interviewer know about the lessons they learned from them. Candidates who are willing to learn and get better are the right for any organization under the sun.

Recruiters should also prioritise candidates who understand the importance of communicating timely and clearly. Most hiring managers would agree that one of the most taxing and time-consuming things in the entire hiring process is coordinating with candidates. From screening candidates and scheduling their interviews to giving them assignments to complete within a timeframe and everything in between, it is challenging for recruiters to manage all these things promptly. And if they are dealing with candidates who don’t value time, the task becomes even more challenging. So, one of the things that make some candidates better than others is how quickly and effectively they respond and communicate. This is also an indication that those candidates taking their own time to respond aren’t proactive enough to be a part of the fast-paced work environments that are prevalent these days. And a quick response indicates that they are interested in the position.

Another thing that recruiters will be easily able to spot is the right candidate for a job because they will be willing to talk about what they bring to the table and how the organization will benefit from hiring them. Candidates who have been successful with all the companies they have previously worked with bring the winning mentality. They know how success smells, and they also know what they need to do to get there. These candidates have ideas to share and understand what they will do if selected to fill the open position. They know the requirements of the role well and are raring to go. 


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