Technology Trends to Watch Out in 2022

The pandemic has completely transformed almost every aspect of our lives, especially working and communicating. It wouldn’t be wrong to conclude that technology has come to the rescue of individuals and businesses alike. When people struggled to survive and look forward to a better and more certain world, technology helped them come out of the illness, and uncertainty struck the world.

Though still troubled with phases of COVID now and then, the world is looking beyond the struggles and betting on innovation to drive excellence. Among the technology trends that will make a mark in 2022 and beyond, quantum computing, innovation-led by data, and zero-touch networks are going to make a list. Other technology trends that will also be there this year include the widespread adoption of data and cloud and customer experience transformation.

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Digital transformation with the help of cloud-native platforms is becoming a popular technology trend. Businesses’ quest to transform their business models and the development of newer technologies to facilitate it, building a space that looks very promising for customers. This is where cloud-native platforms are coming up as a tech solution to aid the digital transformation of businesses. And as cloud-native platforms limit the reliance on infrastructure, they are helping companies to transform with limited spending on resources and infrastructure. A new phase of digital transformation that will be much larger in scale is just around the corner, with the SaaS product-market getting bigger by the day. In 2022 and the years to come, it is expected that most of the digital initiatives that come to the fore will be based on cloud-native platforms.

Zero-touch networks are becoming commonplace. When businesses undergo digital transformation, they bring digital technology into almost every aspect. And that involves how a company interacts with its customers and the experience it provides to them over some time. This is where the significance of zero-touch networks is realized. These networks eliminate the need to have a physical infrastructure to meet customer support requirements. So, businesses are not required to have a complex customer support system, enabling them to save costs and provide an exceptional customer experience. Zero-touch networks digitize every step in the customer journey, thus contributing towards better customer experience. There are no physical touchpoints, only digital functions across sales and support. This brings the cost of overheads and initial investment considerably down.

Quantum technology will grow from an experiment to a preferred tool for enterprises across industries. Quantum computing is based on quantum mechanics. It helps businesses resolve complex problems and enables them to realize the full potential of artificial intelligence by increasing computation power significantly. There is still lots of work to be done, but quantum computing is one of the technology trends that will take the business world by storm this year and beyond.

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