Most Employable Skills For 2022 And Beyond

The start of a new financial year always brings in renewed hope. Whether it is businesses or professionals, everyone is expecting to open avenues for consistent growth and success this year. Both organizations and individuals have experienced tough times in the last couple of years. Things haven’t been as smooth as they were before. And everyone has had to adapt to newer ways of working, staying productive, and ensuring business success. The businesses that have been able to move along without encountering much trouble embraced digitization with open arms. Those who found it tough to adapt to new technologies could not usher in this new era as seamlessly as others. 

An essential thing to consider for businesses to continue upward growth is to continue bridging their skills gap by reskilling and upskilling existing employees and hiring those who have relevant skills. By doing this, businesses will be able to scale when they wish to and give more value to their end customers. Putting together a team of people who come from different cultures, bringing to the fore diverse perspectives, and combining the most sought after skills, can get an organization the success it wants. 

The job landscape today emphasizes skills more than anything else. Whether it is AI and ML, cloud automation, cybersecurity, or any other area, many jobs are available for skilled people. However, there is still a considerable gap. There aren’t enough people who are ready to take the plunge and make one of these employable skills by the scruff of the neck.

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People need to realize that just having degrees doesn’t promise them jobs. And as more and more companies are adopting new technologies, they will be reassessing their skills requirements, which will result in the creation of more jobs. No wonder most professionals are taking up reskilling and upskilling courses to become relevant for the new job market. And it is not just professionals; organizations also understand the importance of upskilling and reskilling. But, upskilling and reskilling programs will only work if both employers and candidates know about the trending skills. 

Here are a few employable skills expected to rule the job market in 2022:

  • Data Science: Data is everywhere. It won’t be wrong to say that it is a new form of currency. It can help organizations with their decision-making. However, for that to happen, organizations need to have a strategy in place, people with data science expertise at work, and tools to process data to reveal insights. While data can be processed using tools, companies need expertise in data science professionals to interpret data correctly. This is why data science has now become an integral part of organizations. Data scientists and other such roles are indispensable regardless of the industry – healthcare, manufacturing, e-commerce, finance, and others. Data scientists make sense of all the data that a company collects or gets from different sources. Insights from data help companies make the correct business calls.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Growing data also has a massive impact on the applications in which artificial intelligence can be used. While it once used to be used to find solutions for specific problems, AI is fast becoming an approach that can be used to find solutions for almost every issue. The most prominent business players globally, like Google and Amazon, are extensively using AI. And while many other companies are still using it sparingly, it is becoming increasingly challenging for them to avoid AI. The possibilities are endless – AI face recognition for user identification/authentication, AI-based surgical robots, and self-driving cars are only a few applications where AI makes a difference. The demand for AI professionals is still very high but is only going to rise even further in the time to come. That is why it is amongst the top employable skills for 2022.
  • Cybersecurity: As more and more companies go digital, they become increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks. Also, many organizations are still working remotely and will continue to do so in the future. That brings multiple networks into the picture. Data collection is happening across different platforms. This is why many consumers are now concerned about the privacy of their data. That makes cybersecurity one of the top employable skills. Organizations are looking to hire cybersecurity professionals at figuratively any cost. Cybersecurity could be an excellent option for people looking to upskill or reskill themselves.
  • Blockchain Programming: Everyone knows the connection between blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. And with cryptocurrency becoming more popular and an increasing number of people investing in those, blockchain programming has become a sought after skill. In addition to finance, technology is also beneficial for industries like healthcare. It is the solution for data storage and privacy issues. There are plenty of opportunities for blockchain programming professionals. And there are plenty of programs as well available to teach how this technology works. It is an employable skill that promises a great career ahead.
  • Digital Marketing: This skill has been in demand for quite a few years. Everything from shopping entertainment to travel booking and more is happening online. There are online marketplaces for food, lifestyle and fashion products, and more. Digital marketing gets these businesses the right presence and visibility amongst their target audience, which eventually translates into better sales. Digital marketing will remain a popular skill for a long time. So, acquiring these employable skills almost guarantees a great career.


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