‘It Goes a Long Way in Getting the Right Person with the Right Motivation and Dedication to the Company’

Parag Paranjpe, Group CHRO, RJ Corp, speaks to India Employer Forum about employability, hiring process, company success, HR tools, the role of HR and more.

He said, “In my long experience and journey, I have used multiple strategies and tools to hire the right people for the organisation. First and foremost, one has to invest time in deeper interviews in multiple rounds with multiple stakeholders. The second is to ask tough questions at the beginning of the interview itself, about their motivation, their needs, conflicts and failures and what they have learned from it. The third is using sophisticated psychometric tools, which give you an understanding of the cultural fit with your organisation, the personality traits that the person brings to the table, what to expect, what your organisation is all about and whether these traits fit into your company culture”.

“Also, very deep reference checks from multiple sources are very critical, from the last 2 to 3 organisations and from multiple sources, not only from bosses but from subordinates and from colleagues too. Lastly, understanding the personal situation of the candidate. After the candidate is selected, hand-holding in the initial days is very important because many people have difficulties in their personal life, special children’s education, old parents’ need for medical help, etc”.

Watch the full interview: In Conversation with Parag Paranjpe, Group CHRO, RJ Corp

About Parag Paranj

Parag Paranjpe is the Group CHRO at RJ Corp, parent company of Varun Beverages, Devyani International, franchisee of Yum Foods, Costa Coffee, Vaango and Creambell Icecream. Parag completed his post-graduation in PM & IR from TISS, Mumbai in 1988. In his 35 years of career, he has worked in leadership positions with brands like Cadbury India, Thomas Cook, Bunge and ICICI Venture. Prior to joining RJ Corp, he was working with Aditya Birla Group, initially as the Group Head for Talent Staffing and Employee Relations and later as CHRO of GRASIM.

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