Air India Express & AIX Connect Renew Strategy for Onboarding Top-Tier Talent

Following the merger with AirAsia India, the airline aims to attract and retain top-tier talent across all their operations through new grades and a compensation plan.

Tata Group-owned Air India along with AIX Connect operating as AirAsia India has revised their strategy, which includes the introduction of new grades and adjustments to compensation and benefits. This aims to streamline talent acquisition and management across all verticals following the merger.

According to an official statement released by the airlines, the strategic decision to align career pathways enhances transparency and opportunities for all employees. The new compensation structure signifies AIX’s effort to align remuneration and benefits with market standards. The goal is to establish AIX as the preferred employer within the travel and tourism sector. Furthermore, the airline is concentrating on attracting and retaining top talent across all business operations, while also nurturing a culture of excellence and innovation.

Source: People Matters

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