Is Artificial Intelligence The Answer To HR Problems?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technology that allows computers to learn from data and make or recommend actions based on learnings. Artificial Intelligence follows a definite set of algorithms and innovative computing techniques. Integration of artificial intelligence with the human resources will enhance the experience of the employers as well as the employees.

Artificial intelligence has various uses in human resources

  • AI is very useful in talent acquisition as it can handle repetitive tasks like resume screening, scheduling interviews, and answering commonly asked questions. It helps HR save time on mundane tasks and focus more on valuable tasks like HR marketing, sourcing, etc. AI chatbots interact with the candidates that match job requirements and help funnel the most suitable candidates for the job.
  • AI integrated HR software can help simplify the onboarding process for the new hires. HR personnel can define and set the algorithm based on their agenda. With the help of AI, they can then easily handle tasks like schedule and organize the induction program, share relevant contact information, verify filled forms and documents, and much more.
  • Integrating AI in the human resource management system will help organizations to train their employees. AI can analyze the skill set of the employees and devise training programs accordingly. It gathers all the data and helps decide what training to conduct and in which field to improve skill level. 
  • HR software with embedded AI can handle many mundane administrative tasks. It can play an important role in employee engagement, strategies, compliance with company policies, etc. With the help of AI human resource management can take strategic action.

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Some companies are using tools built on artificial intelligence to monitor their employees. These productivity monitoring tools, in spite the big hype, are still in their beginner stage. The chat boxes that appear at various sites also use artificial intelligence. Some companies use these artificial intelligence chatbots for psychotherapy also and some embed AI into work computers to detect burnout and other mental issues. AI uses digital phenotyping, which infers your mental state through your usage of digital technology – that is how you speak on the phone, how frequently you visit social media, etc. 

Researchers are convinced that digital phenotyping will be a great success in the field of mental health care. Artificial intelligence applications can track employee’s eye movement or keystrokes or mouse movements to detect mental health. If AI determines that the employee is frustrated or is just unproductive it can report the same to human resources or a supervisor.  But this technology assumes that people react to stress or burnout the same way. In fact, reaction to stress and burnout is dependent on several factors like personality types, cultural differences, etc. 


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