Indian Work Culture Has No Defining Character

Aparna C, CHRO, Torry Harris Integration Solutions speaks to India Employer Forum about work ethic, focus on performance, L&D best practices and more.

She says, “Indian work ethic has no defining character. All I can say is because of our culture, each one of us I think comes with a strong sense of determination.  We all come from various circumstances and challenges which gives us that flexibility in learning new skills, and integrating them into a diverse work environment. So, it’s challenging to say. This is what it is but I think our culture also emphasizes a lot on education, continuous learning, and respect for authority, and all of that plays a significant role in shaping our work ethics”.

Watch the full interview: In Conversation with Aparna C, Chief Human Resources Officer, Torry Harris Integration Solutions

About Aparna C

Aparna C is an accomplished HR Leader with over 20 plus years of experience in Human Capital Strategy, Transformation, Culture, and Operations with proven expertise in fuelling organization effectiveness and delivering business-aligned results for organisations from Start-up to Mature phases & and across industries – Technology, Supply Chain Management, Research & Development, IT Services, and others. She has worked extensively on Strategic Partnerships with Business Leaders providing insights for the entire business lifecycle. Her strength lies in building strong internal, and external relationships with CXOs and people across all levels of the organization to foster a positive work environment, promote employee morale, and implement best practices.

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