HR Automation: HR Tasks You Didn’t Know You Could Automate

The HR department is often the most overworked department of an organisation. It is responsible for various tasks from recruitment to onboarding, benefits and rewards, to payroll management. It is also understaffed, which puts HR professionals under a lot of stress and increases the risk of burnout. Fortunately, the rise of HR automation has made the department’s job a lot easier. This is perhaps why so many big companies are automating their HR processes and helping their HR professionals focus on what’s important while leaving all the mundane, repetitive tasks to technology.

Read on to know what HR automation can do for your organisation:

Streamline onboarding: Onboarding new employees is never easy. Tasks such as generating paperwork, setting up devices, creating accounts, and introducing new hires to the process, take a lot of time, reducing HR productivity. However, you may be surprised to know that 90% of the tasks in the onboarding process can be automated.

For instance, a software robot can be assigned to help new hires understand the organisation’s operation, introduce them to the tools and technology they will be using as a part of their job, and assist them in submitting the information required for accounts and payroll to the company’s HR portal. Many tasks related to onboarding can be streamlined using such HR automation technology. 

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Optimise payroll: Carrying payroll manually is time-consuming and susceptible to errors, costing companies a lot. The good news is that many tools can help organisations automate the payroll process and get impressive results. 

Automating the payroll process will save the HR team from manually entering taxes, overtime, deductions, and other discrepancies and bring them accurate calculations in no time. Besides, it can create a digital record of employees’ payroll for as many years as possible, preventing employers from running into legal binds arising from random audits.

Enhance employee relation: Communication across all departments should be smooth and immediate for an organisation to run effectively. This is especially true for the HR department. There are times when employees need answers regarding their pay, benefits, rewards, and company information. However, with HR professionals juggling many tasks, they do not get immediate responses to their queries, which leaves a negative impression. Plus, communication between the HR and other teams is not up to expectations for organisations operating in the hybrid model.

AI-powered chatbots and automated software robots can significantly help the HR teams. These tools can answer employees’ queries immediately and even guide them in the right direction. Whether it is about payroll, benefits, or any other, they can provide the requested information to employees timely and accurately, saving HR a lot of time, which they can dedicate to organisational activities that bring everyone together and improve relations.

As HRs struggle to attract quality talent and improve talent retention while carrying on their usual activities, automating repetitive tasks can shoulder their burden and allow them to do their job more effectively. 


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