EdTech Companies in 2023: 7 Innovative Tools to Democratise Learning

In recent years, education technology (EdTech) has revolutionised the way we learn and teach, and in 2023, EdTech companies are focusing on tools that can democratise learning. These tools aim to make education more accessible, inclusive, and equitable, addressing the challenges of traditional educational systems and expanding opportunities for learners. Here are seven key tools that EdTech companies are looking at in 2023 to democratise learning.

Adaptive Learning Software: Adaptive assessment tools have emerged as powerful tools in 2023. EdTech companies are using data and analytics to tailor assessments to the unique needs and abilities of learners, providing immediate feedback, identifying knowledge gaps, and adjusting the difficulty level of assessments to match the learner’s proficiency. Adaptive assessment tools can help learners from diverse backgrounds to demonstrate their knowledge and skills effectively, levelling the playing field and democratising learning.

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Personalised Learning Platforms: Personalisation is a core element of most digital offerings, and EdTech companies are leveraging social media and e-learning platforms to enable personalised learning experiences. These platforms offer flexibility regarding time and location, making education more accessible to learners in remote areas.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR): VR and AR are transforming the way students learn by providing immersive and interactive experiences. In 2023, EdTech companies are using VR/AR technologies to create virtual classrooms, laboratories, and simulations that enable students to explore complex concepts and practise real-world skills in a safe and engaging environment. VR/AR can also bridge the gap between learners from different backgrounds by providing equal access to virtual learning experiences, regardless of their physical location or socioeconomic status.

Mobile Learning Apps: Mobile learning apps have become increasingly popular due to their accessibility and convenience. In 2023, EdTech companies are developing mobile learning apps that can be easily accessed on smartphones or tablets, making learning available to learners who may not have access to desktop computers or traditional classrooms. These apps provide personalised learning experiences and enable offline learning, allowing students to learn anytime, anywhere, at their convenience.

Collaborative Learning Tools: EdTech companies are leveraging collaborative learning tools to promote peer-to-peer learning, foster collaborative problem-solving skills, and facilitate cultural exchange among learners from diverse backgrounds. These tools can be particularly beneficial for learners who may face challenges in accessing traditional educational resources or who may benefit from collaborative learning environments.

Gamification: EdTech companies are incorporating gamification methods and principles in their program delivery. Gamification makes the learning experience more interactive and engaging, enhancing problem-solving abilities and retention of the material. There is a fun element to it that benefits learners across age groups.

Physical Learning: With the Covid pandemic slowly receding, EdTech companies are keenly observing the positive effects of combining offline methods of teaching with online mediums to enhance the learner’s experience. Digital and instructor-led physical training together enable a unique and inclusive learning experience.

EdTech companies are actively exploring various tools in 2023 to democratise learning and make education more accessible, inclusive, and equitable. Besides the tools discussed above, blockchain technology and Open Educational Resources (OER) are gaining traction in EdTech. By leveraging these tools, EdTech companies are working towards a future where education is available to all, regardless of their background, location, or circumstances, thus empowering learners to achieve their fullest potential.


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