Corporate 2022: What’s The Future Of Work?

Despite COVID-19 shaking up the business and economy, the corporate world continued to boom and break through. With the pandemic hastening the digitalization era and most agencies going digital overnight, India is witnessing a massive shift in its work culture. With workforces expanding and diversifying, new generations are blending to discover novel ways to get the work done. Corporate taboos such as remote working, gig workers, and hybrid models emerged as new normals surpassing the time-honored traditional methods. Dawning a new future of work for the organizations, 2022 has more than just a digital and technology boom in store for the corporate world.

This brings us to the question – how are HRs going to capitalize on these breakthroughs and bring in the right talent for the businesses? To keep the workforce motivated through the looming challenges of technology and digitization will be a demanding task for both professionals and HR. The future of work will witness people adopting new skills to work along with the machine, rather than on it. With flexibility and contractual projects gaining prominence in the future of work, efficiency and work quality will matter more than hours invested by an individual. Besides, a positive upsurge in reskilling and upskilling markets during the pandemic revealed how people are preparing for the technology boom in the future of work.

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According to the survey conducted by PwC, 81% will completely reskill to stay significant in the markets, and 56% believe the traditional employment and working methods will not be relevant anymore. The survey also indicated that despite the impending boom in technology, people want to work in organizations that favor their values and objectives in the future of work. 42% also agreed they would prefer working for themselves. This would indubitably affect the way HRs attract and retain talent in their organization. Lest we forget, HR professionals hit the ground running to steer leaders and the workforce through the challenging phases of the lockdowns. Post-pandemic and in the future of work, HR will continue to have a demanding and stimulating role in keeping both the talent and business at par with the competitiveness in the global markets.

The next few years in the corporate world will dawn a strategic side of HR and how they influence other aspects of the business. HR professionals will have to look beyond the talent side, be more proactive and agile in aiding leaders while making crucial strategies and decisions. The years to come will see more training, workshops, and adaptations in the organizations to thrive in the new technology-driven world. HR will dominate both the people and the performance side of the business in the future of work. With hybrid models becoming the new normal, human resources will have to be more tactical to make sure employees meet performance targets.   

Several other areas such as risk management, employee experience, security, reward management, and more will also be performance-targeted. With a pivotal role in shaping the future of work, all eyes will be on the human resources to progress and lead organizations successfully into a new era of digitization and technology.


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