‘AI is just an Enabler of What We are Solving for, It’s not Disrupting Anything’

Gaurav Sabharwal, Founder & CEO, JOP, speaks to India Employer Forum about workplace anxiety, AI & automation, work culture, financial compensation and more.

He said, “At JOP, we take your strategy or your goals and cascade it down into the whole organisation. So, what happens is when you have clarity and when people are aligned, the whole anxiety goes away because now it’s not ambiguous. What the organisation needs to do and what the people involved in the organisation need to do, there is complete transparency and that brings a lot of alignment, which takes out the whole anxiety from the equation”.

“For us, AI is just an enabler of what we are solving for, it’s not disrupting anything. Strategy is still needed by the people for the people, and you can’t take the people away from that. However, AI helps you to understand what is happening in your organisation. It brings the clarity to have a very on-point strategy for your organisation and people as well.”

Watch the full interview: In Conversation with Gaurav Sabharwal, Founder & CEO, JOP

About Gaurav Sabharwal

Gaurav Sabharwal, CEO of JOP (Joy of Performing), is an experienced business leader with a passion for enhancing team performance. With almost two decades of experience, he guides global organisations as a growth partner, addressing issues like unclear goals and unaligned teams. A Certified OKR Coach, Gaurav’s entrepreneurial journey began at 19 while studying Finance at NYU’s Stern School of Business, shaping his drive as an entrepreneur.

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