5 Intelligent Interview Questions to Ask

Job interviews are usually a nerve-wracking experience for candidates, no matter what position they are being interviewed for. However, appearing for an interview after proper preparation can help in settling down the nerves and leave a good impression on the interviewers. And being prepared for an interview includes preparing to answer the questions that the interviewer will ask and creating a list of interview questions that they need to ask the interviewer.

Candidates should never shy away from asking questions to the interviewer. Many candidates don’t ask questions, thinking that they don’t have the liberty or right to ask anything from the other party as they are being interviewed. To ensure that a job is a right fit for them, candidates need to ask interview questions. And when candidates ask questions, it gives the impression that they are interested and engaged during the discussion. This could improve the chances of getting hired over candidates that don’t ask any questions.

Questions that candidates ask in interviews can vary depending on the role they are interviewing for and the level they are at in their respective careers. However, candidates should refrain from asking too many questions as this will give the impression that they are trying to become the dominating party in the interview. An interview is the first meeting between a candidate looking for a job and a company’s representative looking for the right fit for an open position. And as long as the questions are asked respectfully, there won’t be any problem. What interviewers don’t like is candidates that don’t ask enough questions. This makes interviewers feel neither interested in the interview nor too serious about landing the job. A lack of interest could also mean that the candidates are only attending the interview because they want a competing offer to raise their current company. None of these situations is favourable for candidates. 

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In addition to preparing well to answer interview questions, another way to get the best job is to come for the interview with relevant questions. Here are some questions that candidates should ask during an interview:

What are the challenges and responsibilities associated with this role?

When a candidate asks about challenges, they ask the interviewer the description of the type of employee they are looking to hire. While asking this question, candidates should make sure that they convince the interviewer that they don’t run away from challenges and are willing to put extra effort to become a top performer. The question about responsibility revolves around a typical day for someone in that role. By asking this interview question, a candidate can pull precise details of the position from the interviewer. And after knowing they will spend their time regularly, candidates will know whether they will be happy and prosperous in that role or not. 

What are the career growth opportunities available to people in this role?

This is the fundamental question to ask for candidates. This question will help save them from giving their all in a stagnant role. If there are good opportunities available, it is easier for candidates to grow within their organization and the industry. And hiring managers that are transparent with this information don’t have to do much to retain these employees. Those that are not happy with the growth opportunities will not join in the first place. And those that are will not leave because there are enough opportunities available within the company. To find out whether a role has scope for upward movement or not, candidates can also ask if someone got promoted recently. 

What do you like the most about working with this company?

If it’s coming straight from the horse’s mouth, it ought to be true. This question can help a candidate find out how it’s like working at the company from someone who has been there for a few years. If the interviewer answers this question enthusiastically, they are quite happy. However, if they are not too excited while answering this question, it is a sign that they are not too pleased about something. This question can make a candidate shine in the interview and figure out things that bother employees and those that make them happy.

How do you review employee performance?

Knowing how a company reviews the performance of its employees will help in understanding the key performance indicators. This question will also include whether performance reviews are done quarterly, half-yearly, or annually. And this will give the candidate an idea about how often they will have the opportunity to discuss their performance and growth. It is also essential for candidates to ask how the salary is increased and how often? Not many companies that review employee performances quarterly or biannually follow the same period for salary increases. It usually happens once a year.

Are there training programs available for the professional development of employees?

This is another critical question. No candidate wants to be stuck in a company that doesn’t help its employees acquire new skills to make them ready for the future. The answer to this question would include the learning and development programs in place and any details on annual conferences, professional associations, and more. 


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