9 Expert Tips On Hiring Talent Post Coronavirus

In a span of just a few months, the world has changed drastically. With the business sector most affected, many companies have shut shop, some temporarily and others permanently. Amidst this uncertainty and despair, the immediate step for the HR would be to adapt themselves for the new change and build resilience in order to return to normal. Preparing for a different approach towards hiring talent should be top on the list.

In accordance with the guidelines laid down by WHO, working from home, social distancing and self isolation have become mandatory. As a result, the recruiting and hiring team at this time are facing new challenges, especially while hiring talent. With almost half the world under lockdown due the coronavirus pandemic, many new recruits who had successfully been offered a position are now facing uncertainties and are in limbo. At this crucial juncture, with the careers of so many young talents at stake, the HR and hiring managers need to make a collective and right decision to avoid losing out on hiring talented employees who presumably shall bolster their employer brand and carve a niche for themselves in the near future.

As this pandemic continues to play havoc with the nation and the world in general, the HR experts and the top managers are looking for ways to stay productive in the face of this new challenge. Upon weighing the pros and cons of the new workforce reality, experts shared nine unique talent acquisition strategies to stay ahead of their rivals.

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1. Leverage technology

The coronavirus outbreak has forced many companies to step up their use of new technologies, which is a key aspect in facilitating all platforms, particularly HR professionals, collaborating and managing communications and productivity in the present uncertain time to help bring the newly acquired talent on track.

Today the strategies to hiring talent have been revolutionized with businesses implementing digital communication tools such as artificial intelligence to overcome the challenges of streamlining the process of all necessary information.The HR team not only aces in the recruitment area but also plays a vital role in keeping its current employees highly engaged in this time of social distancing. The HR team should go all out to create an easy and flowing communication at this moment where we are unable to have that “personal” touch, thereby constituting an atmosphere of unity for both new as well as their current staff.

2. Value existing workforce

The HR team is struggling to maintain recruitment efforts besides increasing their focus on communication with their current workforce. This has brought the current workforce into the limelight with the HR professionals taking a keen interest in their well being, creating a culture of transparency and being available at all times. Guiding and mentoring them in the right direction and training shall help them grow in their roles. Also exposing the onboard staff to adequate training programs and interaction with the experts shall nurture a more satisfied and productive workforce.

3. Remote hiring is the ‘New Future’

Working remotely is a new norm adopted by one and all. With the extraordinary times ahead it has become more important than ever to adapt the modern recruitment tools and still maintain a great employer brand. Refreshing job postings to attract young talent can reduce additional burden while recruiting and accomplishing the mandatory process of remote hiring including attracting, screening, onboarding, training and scheduling the remote working pattern for the new hires.

4. Virtual interviewing: Hiring talent the new normal way

The previous process of in-person interviews and standard face-to-face meetings have taken wings and virtual onboarding technology has come into its place.This pandemic has impacted us in all walks of life, be it personal or business. With life coming back to normal slowly, the need to hire talented employees on an urgent basis cannot be overlooked.

As a result, using the latest available technological tools such as virtual interviewing is exemplary and has helped hiring in a quick and efficient manner. HR teams are going all out to fill up crucial positions thereby striving to keep the business afloat in the current hard times. This tool is the present day necessity to complete a quality interview with minimum stress. The fast-pace virtual interviewing technology in the HR industry has made the recruitment cycle faster, simpler and extremely successful. By and large, COVID-19 has brought along with it digital interviewing that has gained instant popularity and will continue to do so post the crisis.

5. Pivot to hiring candidates for flexible roles

The need for flexible work arrangement has been highlighted all the more. Unprepared employers were stressed to implement flexible working hours for their existing employees. Recruitment strategies were changed with the idea of hiring candidates for flexible roles. Having a long term flexible workforce shall be beneficial to the organization post pandemic, especially women who are homemakers with children. In this way, flexible jobs shall be useful in forming teams with women in the lead. Employers presently tend to prefer a flexible workforce because they can adapt the business to the rapidly fluctuating market. Having a flexible workforce will be a great help to companies financially as they shall be paying people for the work done at that particular time only.

6. Invest in agile digital solutions

The need for technologies supporting a remote workforce environment that was previously not taken seriously and undervalued too, is the most sought after process in the present times. Employers and their HR team must account for the immediate shift including the updated and revised talent acquisition processes. Agile digital interviewing can effectively assist the HR team in their multiple selection processes.

7. Modern applicant tracking system

The modern application tracking system is trusted by hundreds of global users. This software application handles recruitments and makes the remote hiring process easier. Industries and the HR teams should avail of this application while recruiting thus saving precious time and getting the best talent too.

8. Candidate screening and recruiting strategy

Effective and quick changes in recruitment strategies is the need of the hour with recruiters need to explore the workforce guiding applicants to apply online in a simple way thereby short listing the prospects and reducing time in the hiring process thus bringing onboard the new recruits in a short span of time. Though the web conferencing system is helpful yet companies feel they would benefit from video interviewing platforms on recruiting strategy and candidate screening criteria.

9. Re-opening strategy post crisis

Post the pandemic, companies which are struggling now shall see an increase in hiring once they reopen and so should keep a re-opening strategy post crisis. No only that, keeping their former employees on standby will prove to be beneficial once the lockdown comes to an end and work resumes.

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The recruitment strategies to hire talent have seen many changes in recent times with the focus mainly shifting to remote hiring. With a high influx of individuals in the job pool, finding and hiring talented employees is of utmost importance. When companies have the right talent pool their chances of sailing through a crisis is almost guaranteed.


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