‘Growing Organisations Do Not Have Shortage of Resources, They Have Shortage of Right Resources’

Dr. Sanjeev Chauhan, Director HR, Pepe Jeans India Ltd, speaks to India Employer Forum about hiring talent, organisational structure, apprenticeship programs, failure of new joiners, new labour codes and more.

He said, “Normal is boring because I really don’t enjoy doing routine HR maintenance work. So, I’ve been an HR leader throughout my career. I have always been requesting and demanding new HR interventions. I always explore unparalleled challenges within all the reputed organisations where I have worked. So, the challenge sometimes brings rejections and sometimes brings frustrations, but the very next day, when I’m in the office, I’m fully charged to do it again, with a fresher outlook, with a broader mindset. But when you talk in the hiring space, how do we do a normal scoring concept? I do adopt it. A lot of organisations see, what you call, the employee’s role fitment, the top cultural fitment, education and job requirements.”

“So, I normally do more so this is not a routine which I look into in person. When I do hire, I search for the best talent who is more scalable, who has more passion to learn, and who has strong values of integrity. So, all the agile and growing organisations like us do not have a shortage of resources but they do have a shortage of the right resources.”

Watch the full interview: IEF Samvaad with Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Chauhan, Director HR at Pepe Jeans India Ltd

About Dr Sanjeev Chauhan

Dr Sanjeev Chauhan is a passionate Senior HR & ER professional with expertise in Corporate Retail, Business HR, and tailor-made OD interventions. Experienced in diverse sectors like Apparel, Retail, Manufacturing, Energy, Steel, and Cement, he progressed from floor level to Director HR at Pepe Jeans India. Skilled in PAN India retail, multi-location plants, and strategic HR/ER, Dr Chauhan is an active Retail Association of India’s HR committee member.

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