HR Department Must Build A Strong Alliance: Here’s Why?

The HR department has umpteen roles to play in the company from managing employee records, maintaining legal compliance, sustaining a cordial environment to being a medium that connects the top leaders and employees. However, today, the human resources are reduced to a team that participates in recruiting and dismissing employees only, despite them being a significant catalyst in boosting the company’s overall wellbeing. There is more to their role than just employing talents, and it is about time for the leaders to appreciate the efforts and achievements of the HR department.

More importantly, trust is an essential factor and it requires mending on part of the top management, since many CEOs end up hiring employees on behalf of the HR professionals. Also, this proves that despite HR managers having secured a position amongst the top officials, they are yet to enjoy the perks of the cushy seats or have their opinions heard when it comes to crucial decision making. Not many organizations realize that toxic cultures, low employee retention rates, high turnovers, etc., are examples of an unhealthy HR team, which will inadvertently portray the company in a poor light.

The CEOs of the company must encourage HR managers to share recommendations, make decisions, and take the frontline when it comes to redefining the work culture or hiring talent for the organization. Additionally, there should be no room for discrimination. Leaders should appreciate the achievements of the HR team as much as they would acknowledge any other. Unless the CEOs and leaders boast about how efficient their HR professionals are, no employee would want to involve in the many prospects and ideas they put forth for the organization to flourish.

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Besides this, lack of trust or recognition from the top management will not only demotivate the HR department but also affect the company as a whole, which several organizations fail to notice. The HR professionals should be driving forces rather than talent hunters. The CEOs must strive to build a strong alliance with the HR department to make HR professionals feel ‘included’ and motivated towards their own and the organization’s goals.

Plus, the HR department is the face of the company in job markets, and the CEOs must trust their abilities to track down the best talent for the organization. Furthermore, they are the string that connects the leaders to the employees, and a weak medium will naturally create gaps and an imbalance in wavelength that keeps the company driven. Moreover, understanding the values and the discipline that the HR professionals bring to the company is also imperative. They are the indispensable contributors that make the organization amicable for employees to work and grow harmoniously, which is why the leaders must strive to work together with them rather than overlook or sideline their contribution to the company.

Multi-taskers, solicitors, and the organization’s mood makers, the HR department is the epitome of motivation that propels the company to survive and thrive, so leaders must look for ways to build a strong partnership with the HR department.


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