Future Of Organizations – The Need To Build For Speed

Digital transformation was already in good momentum, however, the pandemic fast-tracked its adoption and gave a whole new meaning to the way the future of organizations are going to look digitally. India’s existing organizational structures were unprepared for the potential digital transformation with several big and small-scale companies still relying on traditional business working models. The increasing surge in COVID-19 cases in India pushed for sudden workspace fluidity by shifting focus on digital spaces overnight. New business and communication models were drafted at the eleventh hour to continue smooth operations, and to reduce the implication of novel coronavirus on the future of organizations. This transformation of business and organizational activities was imperative to ensure less impact on business turnovers.

While the world of work was undergoing a macro shift with employees at the receiving end as they strived to adapt to new changes, technology emerged as a leading light to save companies during the COVID-19 crisis. Hence, why more and more organizations started investing in technologies to secure the future of organizations. 

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Here are some of the latest developments that are completely changing the future of organizations:

Remote working

With organizational efficiency and fluidity being the prime focus, companies are now conscripting IT policies and new business models to maintain productivity level through remote working. Since work from home is the new normal, businesses have realized the dearth of digital knowledge, communication tools and infrastructure, which are crucial to ensure smooth operations. Companies are now investing in cloud sharing and video-conferencing platforms to connect and train employees. Infrastructure is one of the important factors too – leaders are investing in laptops, internet modems, power banks and more to support the workforce through these difficult times.

Digital transformation

The COVID-19 pandemic has been hailed as a wake-up call for organizations, who continued to defy the power of the digital transformation. Now in crisis, these companies are struggling to lead their workforces on the digital front. Reskilling and upskilling workshops have noticed a massive spike with businesses investing in, to train their employees to be tech-savvy. However, on the other hand, the already tech-savvy organizations are using the crisis to be more productive, to strengthen their relationships with consumers and grow their database.

Communication evolution

Since communication is key to ensure uninterrupted business operations, connecting with employees was not a smooth sail for leaders due to lack of a staple crisis communication model or infrastructure. It was far-fetched for them to think everyone could afford a laptop or a mobile that supports digitally advanced apps. Despite investing in several in-demand video conferencing apps to connect with the employees, lack of infrastructure and digital knowledge led to a rise in communication gaps and had a major impact on the company’s turnovers. Hence, they are now shifting investments to building a strong crisis communication model to survive pandemics and more devices to ensure uninterrupted remote working to thrive.

The COVID-19 crisis has made organizations discover the need for including progressive and innovative technologies as a part of their core business operations. Though it is imprudent to believe that a company can be ready to shield any catastrophe or pandemic, it is ideal to be ready with a plan to execute during these difficult times. With technology coming to the rescue to overcome this crisis and playing a key role in securing the future of organizations, we can only wait and watch what post-COVID future has in store for businesses.

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