Soft Skills – An Imperative Skill in a Marketing Pro

Soft skills are strong predictors of performance in the field of marketing. Apart from hard skills to sell, a successful marketer must possess soft skills which are core to his job.

Although there are multiple soft skills, a marketing professional must acquire the following trademarks to be a marketing pro

1)    Emotional Intelligence

Number one on this list is Emotional Intelligence. An individual with a high EQ or Emotional Quotient is much better at solving problems, improving performances and leading successful campaigns. Recent studies suggest that 58% of success in any organization is due to high emotional intelligence. This inevitably makes it the most sought after soft skill particularly as one climbs the corporate hierarchy.

2)    Communications and Presentation Skills

A marketing professional is expected to communicate well. The basic trait is to be able to convey what is intended. A good marketer is required to continuously present ideas, campaigns or strategies that will determine the growth and success of the company. A well-created PowerPoint presentation does not work all by itself. It is essential for a marketer to publicly present their ideas to the client, board of directors or the internal team. Presentation skills leave a powerful impact and increase the chances of conversions, thus making it the second most important soft skill requisite in the market.

3)    Adaptability

Marketing is a highly dynamic field. With the constant alteration in trends, strategies and effective communication, a marketing professional needs to be able to adapt to these changes swiftly. Which is why, adaptability is considered to be a strong quality in an individual heading towards a successful career in marketing. A lack of adaptability slows down the growth of an individual, and in turn, the growth of the organization, which is why it is necessary for marketing professionals to be flexible in their professional approach.

4)    Sales skills

Sales do not only mean the exchange of material possessions. Selling an idea, campaign or other intangible things is a sales skill required by companies today. An individual who is capable of delivering smart sales pitches is a valuable asset to any company. It is this soft skill that sets a productive marketing professional apart from the others.

Soft skills, unlike hard skills, cannot be measured. Nonetheless, they are incredibly vital for any organization to thrive and emerge victorious in today’s competitive market which makes it essential for marketers to polish their soft skills. They may be given little weight, but these skills possess the ability to make or break a marketing professionals career. Soft skills are the stepping stones to success that cannot be put down on paper. Team building, a strong drive to succeed and other essential components of accomplishments are built by creating and sustaining a strong foundation of soft skills.

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