20 Best Employee Recognition Tools

Companies have progressed from simply giving rewards to their employees for length of service to a hybrid variety of rewards. With the advancement of technology and digitization, it is essential to facilitate efficient employee recognition, so it’s no surprise that there are softwares already in place called ’employee recognition tools’ to help you pick your best workers and reinforce their good performance!

What is an Employee Recognition Tool?

An employee recognition tool refers to software created to automate, run and manage recognition-based activities. This means that this software can keep a log of your employees’ performances and identify who’s doing well and has produced exceptional results lately. It also automatically recognizes good work, immediately incentivizing your employees. Employee recognition has become a regular feature at companies seeking to create a motivated and productive work environment.

Here are the top 20 employee recognition software:

Vantage Rewards: Vantage Circle’s very own exclusive rewards and recognition software is called Vantage Rewards, used by the likes of Tata Communications and Novartis. Its AI and machine learning systems are easy-to-use and allow regular peer-to-peer recognition, which is excellent for team building. Available on both the web and mobile apps, it is budget-conscious, easily accessible, navigable and provides instant incentives for employees to perform better. 

Bonusly: Bonusly is known for its extensive rewards catalogue, deep analytics and automated celebratory notifications for birthdays, work anniversaries and special days. It offers value-based recognition, manager-to-peer and peer-to-peer recognition, and can be integrated with Slack and Microsoft. The interface is engaging and can be accessed easily by users and admins. Clientele includes Hulu and Survey Monkey.

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Nectar: What’s great about Nectar’s 360-degree recognition software is that it allows employees to provide regular encouragement to their peers, which in turn enforces employee engagement and retention. It offers gift cards, promotes wellness initiatives and also point-based rewards. As a result, companies create a vibrant culture of team recognition, positive reinforcement and greater productivity. Nectar is a popular choice for companies like Heineken and Teachable. 

Quantum Workplace: The user-friendly tools of Quantum Workplace are ideal for managers and peers to connect and evaluate and reward productivity. Apart from value-based and spot recognition options, these employee recognition tools also provide social feeds, digital badges and awards. You can also celebrate events via the platform. The live activity feed shows real-time recognition, which is always a pleasure to see! Top clients of Quantum Workplace include Getty Images and Fossil Group.

Xoxoday Empuls: This all-encompassing employee tool is a must-have because it combines employee recognition programs, recognition tools, and wellness solutions and helps promote a positive and productive work culture by assisting the HR department with recording employee absenteeism and attrition. Its data-driven insights and social feed are security compliant. It even offers a free trial! Clients include Adobe, Pepsi and Infosys.

Kazoo HR: Used by Hitachi, Kia, Meredith and Habitat For Humanity, Kazoo HR is a platform that’s focused on the employee experience. It combines employee recognition and rewards with benefits, employee feedback, remote recognition, communication via a social feed, objective and key results (OKRs) and events. With Kazoo HR, you can frequently provide points-based credit to your employee, not just during annual reviews.

Kudos: Targeted at companies with a strength of more than 500 employees (like Veritone and Arch Insurance), Kudos is an ideal pick for companies that give greater importance to peer-to-peer recognition and relationships. Employees have the opportunity to celebrate their achievements, special events and milestones, and get rewarded for their teamwork, diligence and result-oriented work ethic.

Motivosity: Looking to motivate your employees regularly? Try Motivosity, whose user-friendly interface allows colleagues to congratulate and encourage one another on their live social feed. It even provides the option to attach monetary encouragement to employees that have earned company recognition for their best efforts. It has a milestone tracker which provides service awards, performance management tools, awards and badges and spot bonuses. Fujifilm uses Motivosity.

Guusto: What’s unique about Guusto is its gift-based recognition model that gives employees a comfortable variety of rewarding gifts to choose from. It also has a pay-forward option, which allows employees to forward their gifts to someone else if they choose. This points-based rewards system allows full credit on unclaimed gifts as well. Further, for every gift sent, Guusto donates clean water for a day. Used by Harvard University, The Body Shop and Levis, Guusto is truly a gift!

Reward Gateway: Reward Gateway is a good pick for companies that want to attract, engage, and retain their best employees. This unified engagement platform offers strategic recognition, surveys, reports and regular communication options. It also has the option of customizable E-cards, which add a special personal touch during manager-to-peer or peer-to-peer recognition. Clientele includes Orbis and Five Star Bank. 

O.C. Tanner: O.C. Tanner is known as the global leader in employee recognition software. So it’s no wonder that employees of companies that use this tool, like Tech Mahindra, get to celebrate peak moments, recognize and reward outstanding work and create a motivating environment for employees. Available in 16 languages, it is ideal for large-scale employee recognition models in companies that function globally. It has a Culture Cloud suite, which offers employee rewards, service awards, social recognition, healthy habit reinforcements and more. 

People Value: People Value offers a personalized touch to employee recognition and incentivization by steering away from generalized approaches to inspiring employees. Whether it’s simply a Thank-You message or using prevalent reward schemes to engage your employees and motivate them, People Value keeps company values and employee appreciation in mind. People Value is used by Ricoh, Das UK Group and Costa.

WorkHuman: Thanks to WorkHuman, companies like LinkedIn and Moderna can create a wholesome and warm environment. Employees are treated with personal care and are given the sense that their contributions matter. The regular recognition activities boost work relationships across all employment levels and give managers an idea of what organizational tools are best suited to motivate their employees to perform better.  

Achievers: An excellent employee recognition tool that offers accountability to every employee, Achievers drives the idea of ownership of a company’s work culture. With social and awards-based recognition, Achievers also provides data analytics, monetary recognition and workflow integrations. Clientele includes Panasonic, Samsung, GM and Ericsson.

WorkVivo: Aimed at creating meaningful connections within companies, WorkVivo offers recognition features like appreciative messages on the social feed, awards for exceptional work and initiative, badges and certificates, and benchmarking. Amazon and Netgear use WorkVivo.

Terry Berry: Whether it’s a peer-to-peer recognition option or service anniversary award, Terry Berry’s 360 Recognition Platform is an all-in-one employee recognition tool. Used by companies like NSF, Terry Berry offers performance and incentive awards, points-based rewards, social recognition, custom rewards and recognition tracking. 

Awardco: One of the biggest USPs of AWardco is its integration with Amazon Business, automatically opening up potential employee rewards from hotels, tickets or company swag stores to gift cards and charitable donations. This employee recognition tool brings the best of Amazon to your employees and creates an air of excitement;. Companies using Awardco include Cornell University and Amazon. 

Workstars: This mobile-friendly employee recognition platform aims to boost employee engagement and recognition through options like micro-bonuses, thank-you messages, and real-time recognition globally. Used by AstraZeneca and Parsons, Workstars also offers performance insights and reports.

Perkbox: Used by the likes of Bosch, Perkbox offers an extensive range of perks and benefits, including value-based, manager-to-peer, peer-to-peer recognition and rewards, a globally connected workforce, and polls and voting. 

Perkspot: This global employee recognition software helps your employees feel appreciated, whether in the office or at the other end of the world, with real-time recognition. Thanks to its Leaderboards and Activity Wall, the team gets to experience personalized recognition and company culture in an engaging, motivating, and exciting way. Companies that use Perkspot are Uber and Ace Hardware.


Giving employees the recognition and rewards they deserve for the effort they put in and the results they produce is vital in maintaining a highly motivated and productive work environment. Employee recognition tools are the way forward in this ever-evolving technology-driven world.

Reference: From “Top 20 Recognition Tools in 2021” | Swati Barua, Vantage Circle | 5 October 2021

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