‘We are Right Now Placed at the Right Time in this Exponential Growth Journey of AI and ML Technologies’

Pooja Pallavi, Associate Clinical Development Director, Novartis speaks to India Employer Forum about the impact of AI & ML on the pharmaceutical industry, the job ecosystem and more.

She said, “I think we are right now placed at the right time in this exponential growth journey of AI and ML Technologies and we can clearly see that Pharma and Healthcare domains are trying to look for as many use cases they can find to place themselves. Within these advancements which are happening in fact on an everyday basis, if you talk specifically about drug discovery, I think we can see the use case of NLP. We can see that the NLPs can be used for extracting insights out of the unstructured database which is scattered within the Healthcare or Pharma industry. These are data which are collected via different sources, and they are in different formats. If we use NLP and we are able to extract insights out of these unstructured databases or data sets I would say that can be a very interesting use case and we do have studies substantiating that thought process”.

“Here, if we talk about end-to-end clinical trials as well as end-to-end drug development, we have several use cases. Be it target identification of the drugs, be it clinical trial optimization, adaptive designing or aiding the further steps within the drug discovery. So, we do have these use cases, we have a couple of very interesting use cases if we see about image analysis; so image data in itself within the healthcare and pharma domain is one of the most plentiful of the data sets which are there.”

Watch the full interview: In Conversation with Pooja Pallavi, Associate Clinical Development Director, Novartis

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