‘Talent is Available but Hiring and Picking up the Right Talent is a Very Tough Job’

Poonam Agarwal, Head HR, BSH Home Appliances, speaks to India Employer Forum about the strategies for a successful and effective hiring process in line with organisation goals, and more.

She said, “Scouting for talent has become such a tough job because talent is available in the market but hiring and picking up on the right talent, which is really important and is really going to bring results in the organisation, is a very tough job. In my previous stint with ASTARC, I was responsible for building the entire leadership team and must have conducted more than 200 interviews to get the right talent for maybe 12 CXO positions and it’s not an easy job. First of all, you have to be fair with the candidate because you are also representing a brand and candidates get an experience about your brand and you. At the same time, you have to ensure that the talent you are bringing in or infusing, is a sustainable talent from a future growth perspective.”

“First is the interview, interaction, gauging and then the process starts wherein you really have to deep dive to understand not only what is visible but also get to understand what is not visible, about cultural fitment, candidates value system, how the person behaves. I’m especially talking about leadership during crises, during challenging situations, how the leadership is with the team, organisation culture, etc. After having 20-25 years of experience, it is assumed that you have the core functional skills that bring the difference in your leadership quality and that becomes very important to assess from the HR side”.

Watch the full interview: In Conversation with Poonam Agarwal, Head HR, BSH Home Appliances

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