Investments in Emerging Technologies, Human Experiences and Data Privacy

In the fast metamorphosing business world, the customer continues to be of paramount importance. What has changed are the methods employed by businesses in meeting the demands of customers so that they stay ahead of the competition. Consumer choices and behaviour have undergone a transformation with technological advancements. Thus, it is important for businesses to create meaningful and innovative experiences that make them stand out in the eyes of their customers. The best way for businesses to win the loyalty of customers is through people-focused strategic investments in emerging technologies.

To know what the customer wants, businesses are using technology to create platforms where entrepreneurs, customer experience leaders and marketers come together to discuss and debate on the changing expectations of future consumers in the Indian market. For digital business growth, nurturing trust and establishing long-lasting customer relationships through innovative methods is paramount. Customer engagement is critical for businesses and technology and innovation powered by data analytics has to be worked upon to understand what it is that the customer really wants.

Today’s customer wants a personalised experience tailored to their requirements, it’s not just about products or services. Digitisation has contributed to customers demanding seamless interactions with hassle-free navigation, quick issue resolution and intuitive interfaces. People are literally taking control of their financial lives from their phones. Lego Group is an example of an organisation that realised that digital solutions often fail to meet the needs of customers because of an isolated approach to design. With the Covid-19 pandemic, Lego Group initially created a self-service online catalogue for customers. However, this did not give the high-quality buying experience that customers and sales employees previously had in person, as the solution’s design did not account for all end users’ different needs. Lego Group then launched a virtual showroom that delivers a higher quality product viewing experience. In keeping the needs of customers and employees first, Lego enabled its employees to serve customers better and improve the overall buying experience.

It has also become imperative for companies to ensure customer data security and privacy.  The Digital Personal Data Protection Bill of 2023 prevents online platforms from misusing personal information. Customer data has to be encrypted so that it is not misused with access to this data limited to internal stakeholders. This makes it all the more important for businesses to fortify their infrastructure against unauthorised data breaches through third-party operators and maintain consumer trust.  

Businesses are now navigating investments in emerging technologies, customer experience, data privacy and human connection. They are striving to provide seamless experiences at every step without compromising on personal engagement. Human-centric values are what will lead to sustainable growth and success.


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