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Balasubramanian A, VP & Business Head, TeamLease Services Ltd. speaks to India Employer Forum about the FMCG report, its key findings and more.

He says, “To begin with, we are pleased to launch the inaugural sectoral reports on the staffing business and we’ve chosen to start with FMCG because it’s been one of our most significant growth drivers in the last three years or so. Ever since we came out of the first year of the pandemic, the FMCG sector, specifically in India, has witnessed a transformative space lead driven by a multitude of factors such as rapid economic growth, urbanization, technological advancements and consumer preferences as well”.

“With India’s emergence as the fifth-largest economy and significant government support as well, the FMCG industry is now predicted to grow at a rate of nearly 15% per annum and to about 220 billion dollars in the next couple of years up from the current 167 billion. It’s essential for the sector as a whole to prioritise hiring, minimise attrition and enhance the workforce productivity”. 

“So, this is an acronym that we call HAP. These will be the key focus areas for organizations seeking to capitalize on emerging opportunities and also navigate the market uncertainty practically. So, in light of this macroeconomic setting and also the microscopic factors which are essential to capitalize on this emerging opportunity our report is titled Empowering the Essentials, which is a deep dive into India’s FMCG Workforce. It covers certain critical insights into the evolving landscape of India’s FMCH sector offering the leaders and the stakeholders invaluable strategic guidance into navigating these opportunities and challenges”.

Watch the full interview: In Conversation with Balasubramanian A | VP & Business Head | TeamLease Services Ltd

About Balasubramaniam A

Balasubramanian A has been with TeamLease for more than four years and currently heads one of the largest verticals in TeamLease: Consumer, Retail & E-commerce. He brings about 13 years of management experience working with leading organisations including Nokia, GEP and Ola. He has also co-founded a start-up ZuperMeal. He has a strong background in Management Consulting, Enterprise Sales & Account Management. 

In his role at TeamLease, Bala is responsible for managing about 3,200 cr in Annual revenue, leading a multi-layered team with 3 distinct functions – Business Development, Key Account Management and Mobilization. Bala plays a critical role in developing and nurturing CXO connects across our client base and other large organisations pan-India across various industries. In his last role, he was part of the leadership team of Ola Corporate, the B2B distribution arm with a focus on Travel Policy Compliance, Cost Optimisation and Employee Convenience.

He holds an Electrical and Electronics Engineering Degree from PSG College of Technology and earned his MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.

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