HR Case Management: How Can Organizations Ensure Employee Acceptance?

Organizations looking to streamline their HR processes and work allocation, improve reporting, transform HR with technology, scale HR according to future, and standardize HR support need to take a hard look at HR case management and how it can help them get more out of their HR teams. By bringing HR case management into the mix, organizations can significantly improve employee experience and build a more structured HR department that functions with high efficacy.

However, many employees take exception to HR case management as it takes the individual approach of sending an email or walking up to an HR representative with an issue, out of the scene. There are those as well who aren’t too keen on welcoming change. But employee acceptance is key to the success of HR case management. So, while organizations should expect this behavior of employees, they shouldn’t stop themselves from working towards making employees understand and then accept case management.

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Adopting HR case management takes some time. Having said that, there are a few things that can be done to make the transition faster and easier. The first thing that organizations can do is to design or choose an HR case management solution that helps you achieve your employee experience objectives. Employee experience is anyway the topmost priority for HR. When employees are already at the forefront of everything that HR does, it is likely that their case management solution will be designed in a way that makes it easier for employees to raise their concern and get a resolution. 

It is important for HR to look at all the challenges that employees face when contacting HR support to find solutions to different problems. The case management solution should help employees deal with those challenges. One of the challenges that employees face is getting information related to HR processes and policies on the internal server. Many times, the information available there hasn’t been updated for years. A great way of overcoming this challenge and ensuring that employee acceptance of HR case management isn’t a matter of concern, is by clubbing a knowledge portal with the case management solution. This will also help in ensuring that employees are able to take to the new work model more effectively.

Case management solutions have automatic workflows, which makes it easier for managers to approve requests faster. Automatic reminders for tasks and checklists ensures that no request goes unnoticed. A change without frequent communication throughout the transition could make it tougher for employees to get accustomed to the new model. Communicate the benefits of HR case management to employees. But, it is important to make sure that different departments within an organization receive customized messaging highlighting how the case management solution will affect their specific department or group. When communicating benefits, it is imperative that organizations don’t go too overboard by setting unrealistic expectations. 

To make employees get the best out of an HR case management solution, organizations should provide them with necessary training and resources. When this is done, organizations can expect HR case management to serve its purpose well. 

Reference: HR Case Management: The Journey to Employee Acceptance | Talent Culture | Marta Simeonova | 16 August, 2021

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