The Great Reshuffle: What Needs to be Done?

Call it mirroring the western trend or following a passion where employees reconfigure their careers, but The Great Reshuffle believed to be happening in India is real. It all started with the Great Resignation, where millions of people re-evaluated their career choices and left their jobs in the wake of the pandemic.

Today, the Great Resignation has evolved into the great reshuffle, which is spreading like wildfire in the country as more and more people opt for a job change instead of dropping out.

While this reshuffle doesn’t seem serious on the surface, it can wreak havoc for organizations and HR leaders. Besides, a recent LinkedIn report revealed that 82% of the Indian workforce is planning to change their jobs, which only adds to the gravity of the situation. HR managers and employers must understand why employees are considering leaving their organizations.

The great reshuffle is also a unique opportunity for HR managers and employers to try and implement strategies that have never been considered possible before to create a win-win situation for themselves and their employees. Here’s what they can do:

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Being empathetic

Employees’ expectations of leaders have changed over the years, especially after the pandemic. They want their leaders to be compassionate and listen and understand their needs and help them solve all or most of the problems they may face. 

Managers should also realise that every employee has a lot on their plate, whether they are working from the office or remotely. This realisation should reflect their behaviour and approach toward employees, making them appear more empathetic. 

Focus on employee wellness

The pandemic has affected almost everyone directly or indirectly. Whether it is through contracting the virus and experiencing severe post-recovery symptoms or losing a loved one, it has traumatised many, especially in India, where it wreaked havoc on many accounts. Therefore, managers and employers need to pay attention to their employees’ health and safety, especially if they expect them to return to the office. They must ensure steps in this direction to assure employees of much-needed support. This will, in turn, help build employee trust, and long-term workforce resilience and reduce turnover. 

Create a culture of recognition

Employee recognition has always been key to an organization’s success. When employees’ efforts are recognized, they feel valued and engaged and develop a sense of connection with their goals. In turn, they are willing to walk the extra mile. However, make sure recognition isn’t limited to conferring them with an award. There should be monetary benefits and insurance perks as they drive most employees’ determination and productivity.

With the proliferation of the great reshuffle in India, it’s about time for managers and employers to take some steps to retain their employees and save themselves from the critical situation they may end up in should they ignore the gravity of the reshuffle. 

Reference: HR Leaders should focus on Holistic Approach in “The Great Reshuffle” | People Matters | Ashish Mittal | 12 Mar 2022

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