‘Everybody Comes to Work with an Objective to do Good Work, with a Good Intent to Deliver their Best, with their Skills and Knowledge’

Yogesh Basole, Head HR – Sales & Service, Crompton Greaves, speaks to India Employer Forum about the proposed 70-hour work week, the concept of measuring productivity, automation and more.

He said, “Everybody comes to work with an objective to do good work. Definitely, one is making a living out of the work but the idea is everybody has a good intent to deliver their best, with their skills and their knowledge. However, while the enabling environment is missing, the kind of disengagement that sets into an enabling environment is a good manager, who could manage and coach people well. It could be anyone you are working with, it could be the CEO, it could be the immediate manager you are working with. It largely depends upon how you have an enabling environment, the organization culture, the value system in the organization, if that is really penetrated well across the organization, cascading down”.

“It helps you build a great culture and in that kind of culture, people would definitely feel free to express themselves and contribute their best, however, this is a utopian world. As I said, it is not that easy. There will be a lot of deadlines the organization has to meet, there will be a lot of ambiguity in the organization, and people as managers, will have their own perspectives about people, and the biases that human beings have, it all kills creativity at times if it is not properly addressed”.

Watch the full interview: In Conversation with Yogesh Basole, Head HR Sales and Service, CGCEL

Yogesh Basoles is a Business-focused HR functional partner, with significant experience in developing and implementing HR strategy to deliver business objectives specifically effective in matrix, dynamic and rapidly changing environments. Strong Corporate & Line HR skills having 17+ years of diverse experience in the Service sector, IT, Manufacturing, Sales & Marketing organizations, handling employee matters related to Blue and White Collared employees. Very strong Employee advocacy skills with an equal focus on organizational priorities. In-depth exposure to all HR systems & processes in various industry segments and have been involved in hands-on implementation of the same. Extremely high Team skills with a strong belief in open and transparent Communication in organizations.

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