Creating a Contemporary Learning Culture – India Employer Forum Webinar #10

In the ever-evolving professional landscape, fostering a culture of continuous learning is imperative for organisational success. On April 30, 2024, India Employer Forum (IEF), in collaboration with TeamLease Digital, hosted an enlightening virtual panel discussion titled “Creating a Contemporary Learning Culture.” This engaging session featured prominent L&D and HR leaders who delved into the nuances of nurturing a dynamic learning environment within organisations.

The distinguished panel comprised Vidya Gothe, Director of L&D at DXC Technologies; Lekha Palakkot, Director of L&D at Brillio; and Eric James, HR Director of Learning OD and Diversity at Flipkart. The discussion was moderated by Vivek Tyagi, Business Head – Enterprise Learning Services – TeamLease Digital.

Key discussions:

  1. Leadership commitment and business alignment: Vidya Gothe emphasised the critical role of leadership in creating a learning culture. She noted, “Building a contemporary learning culture is a big challenge for every organisation. Business and L&D should go hand in hand to make learning an everyday practice, integrating technology and fostering leadership commitment.”
  2. Transparent career frameworks: Lekha Palakkot highlighted the importance of transparency in career progression and personalised learning pathways. She said, “Transparency in career progression is key. By providing a clear career architecture and addressing employees’ aspirations, we make them feel valued and motivated to stay and grow within the organisation.”
  3. Leveraging technology for learning: Eric James discussed the integration of learning with business outcomes and the use of AI-driven tools for personalised skill enhancement. He stated, “We use technology to nudge learners at crucial moments, like before and after applying new skills, to ensure continuous engagement and relevance in their learning journey.”

Challenges and solutions: The panel also addressed common challenges such as resistance to change and the difficulty of prioritising learning amidst daily tasks. The consensus was clear: leadership commitment and innovative approaches are essential to overcoming these hurdles. The importance of measuring the effectiveness of learning programs and adapting to emerging trends was also underscored to ensure continuous growth and success.

The panellists collectively emphasised the necessity for organisations to adapt to emerging trends and embrace innovative strategies to cultivate a culture of continuous learning. By aligning business goals with L&D efforts, providing transparent career paths, and leveraging technology, organisations can create an engaging and dynamic learning environment that fosters both personal and professional growth.

For a detailed exploration of these insights, watch the full webinar here: IEF Webinar | Creating a Contemporary Learning Culture.

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