Contract Hiring for Gig Workers Jumps Before Festive Season: Report

A report has suggested a big jump in the number of contract hiring jobs that were offered in June compared with the jobs that were offered in May this year. Five lakh gig jobs were offered in June while three lakh jobs were offered in May, making a difference of two lakh. This is primarily because e-commerce and fintech companies have commenced preparations early this year for the festive season.

This festive season, there has been an increase in the demand for gig workers just before the festivities begin. This year’s surge was 66% from May to June, and e-commerce companies have had a significant role to play. Taskmo, a Quess Corp-backed on-demand Gig Tech platform, has stated that E-commerce companies have increased contract hiring, which has resulted in a spike in numbers.

According to the report, in addition to the spike in the number of gig workers, there was also a positive contract hiring trend for gig job roles on a month-on-month basis. These roles included brand and digital promoters with a 6% increase, micro-influencers and field sales executives at a 4% increase and business developing executives at a whopping 9% increase. There was also an additional 10% increase in the role of telecallers for June, and to top all of the above, 12% more delivery executives were hired in June. 

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What is also worth mentioning is that companies hire extra workers in smaller cities like tier II and tier III compared to larger tier I cities. Compared to tier I cities, gig hiring has seen an overall 11% increase in tier II cities while the same has seen an overall 13% increase in tier III cities. This is a result of a strengthening of presence by prominent recruiters in tier II and tier III cities which has also promoted a trend commonly known as hyper-local recruitment.

Surprisingly, while an increase was visible in tier II and tier III cities, there was an overall decline in contract hiring in the tier III market at a rate of 12% in June, compared to the same in May. City-specific figures were also made available, indicating a moderate gig hiring activity in several otherwise major markets. Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai (up by 8.3%), Hyderabad (up by 2.6%), and Mumbai (up by 2.5%) were indicated. 

Amongst the major Indian cities, Mysore managed to outperform tier I cities with an increase of 23% in demand for gig hiring and was followed by other cities as well. Gig hiring demand was stated to be up in Bengaluru by 16%, in Kanpur up by 14%, in Lucknow by 13.3%, Bhopal by 13.3%, and Coimbatore by 12.7%, Shivamogga by 12.7% and in Delhi by 12%.

Reference: Contract Hiring for Gig Workers Jumps Before Festive Season |ET Online| July 21 2022

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