‘Biggest Challenge in Retail is to Hire the Right Kind of People to Man Retail in the Front Line’

Amitabh Suri, CEO (Strategic Leader), Arvind Fashions speaks to India Employer Forum about finding skilled labour, skill development programs, inclusivity and more.

He said, “Our challenge is to build good retail teams in the frontline because these are the retail outposts which are to be manned. With 400 doors today, it’s impossible for us to control things centrally. So we need to ensure that we empower our frontline people. Now the question is, nobody wants to leave a corporate role and go into a frontline outpost because it’s not cool enough, unfortunately. People like to be at the centre of things. They don’t mind doing a smaller role, but staying in the head office versus doing a bigger role and branching out into the frontline space. So, we are no different, we have the same problems”. 

“Now, do we have skilled operators handling this role? The answer is no, we have a very strong retail program, which we call “Train The Trainer”. We bring good talent recognised across the country into classroom sessions at corporate. In markets like Delhi and Bombay, we end up going there and doing class sessions because there are a lot more stores for us, a lot more retail professionals working for us there. And we call the north teams and the west teams into a conference and hold workshops”.

Watch the full interview: In Conversation with Amitabh Suri, CEO (Strategic Leader), Arvind Fashions

About Amitabh Suri

Amitabh Suri is an Entrepreneurial and result-driven business leader with 24 years of experience in the Apparel and lifestyle industry. A history of increasing sales & growing bottom line while spearheading operational improvements to drive productivity & reduce cost. A decisive leader with proven success in new market identification & strategic positioning of brands, excelling in dynamic & demanding environments while remaining pragmatic & focused. Principally believe in nurturing one’s team to their true potential, while remaining customer-obsessed. Currently, he is the CEO of U.S. Polo Assn, the biggest Casual wear brand in the country.

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