‘There are Several Significant Trends that are Reshaping the Way we Approach Employment’

Kartik Narayan, CEO- Staffing, TeamLease Services Ltd. speaks to India Employer Forum about trends in the new world of work, employment trends and more.

He said, “There are several significant trends that are reshaping the way we approach employment. Some of these trends have far-reaching implications on both employers and employees and in many ways because those trends are taking place specifically, I would say over the last 2-3 years, perhaps it might be difficult to phrase all of them but let me put across three large areas where I see changes taking place”. 

“One is in terms of the future of work in itself so the first thing one can very well imagine coming out of COVID is remote and hybrid work models. I think the shift towards remote and hybrid work models has accelerated. It was earlier limited, but now it’s full-blown. It offers flexibility to employees but also demands new forms of communication collaboration and management strategies. That is one really large aspect that everybody needs to be content with. Of course, it leads to better work-life balance but it may also blur the lines between work and personal life. So, remote and hybrid work is one clear trend that we are noticing”. 

“The second thing is the rise of gig economy and contract work. India currently has anywhere between 75-90 lakh of the gig economy and contract workers. This used to be the last resort and last choice, but this is becoming a lifestyle choice across different levels of seniority where people want to be occupied for a specific period and get compensated”.

Watch the full interview: In Conversation with Kartik Narayan, CEO- Staffing, TeamLease Services Ltd.

About Kartik Narayan

Kartik Narayan is the CEO of TeamLease Services Ltd and is on a mission to redefine the staffing landscape. With a knack for tackling the challenges of attrition, hiring, and productivity, he partners with major enterprises to craft solutions. Previously at the helm of Vodafone Idea as EVP & National Head of Strategic Accounts, Kartik demonstrated a flair for strategic development, commercial leadership, and nationwide sales.

His diverse experience extends beyond the telecom world. At Cisco India, Kartik brought his prowess to the services and consulting division. As Regional Director for Riverbed Technologies, he blazed trails by establishing fresh operations across South India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. And with Airtel, he wore multiple hats, even spearheading the establishment of Bharti Airtel USA Ltd’s U.S operations.

A double alumnus from Pune University with a Bachelor’s & Master’s in commerce, Kartik also boasts an MBA from the esteemed Symbiosis Institute of Digital & Telecom Management. Outside the boardroom, he’s an avid reader, dedicated teacher, golf enthusiast, and movie buff.

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