5 Highest Paying Jobs In 2022

The pandemic accelerated what already has been a need for more than a few years. Advancements in technology have been happening rapidly for a long time. The pandemic only made the need for digital transformation more urgent for businesses. And that has resulted in quite a significant change in the skills required to excel in different roles within an organization. More companies have now moved to the online marketplace in the last couple of years than they did in the previous decade. And that means they will be using more technologies and data to stay ahead of the competition, understand customers’ needs and reach them with fitting solutions.

The significant rate at which digitization has happened in the last few years has turned the skilled talent game to an altogether new level. Businesses are willing to go beyond their budgets to hire top talent with the right mix of skills to beat their competition and run faster than ever towards sustainable growth. This is why businesses are now investing heavily in hiring expertise in artificial intelligence, data science, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and other such areas. These skills constitute the highest paying jobs for 2022.

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These career opportunities are primarily available in e-commerce, fintech, IT/ITeS, healthcare, and BFSI, amongst others. Let’s now look at a few significant numbers related to the Indian job market. A survey conducted by LinkedIn reveals that more than 80% of Indian employees are pondering whether to shift to a different career in 2022. And this shift can be attributed to the change in skill-sets required by organizations these days. More than 85% of Indian working professionals believe that they will have little problem making this shift as their professional network is strong enough to help them out. Many of these professionals expect 2022 to be much better than the last two years in terms of the availability of job opportunities.

The Great Reshuffle, as it is referred to commonly, has more Gen Z people and those with less than a year of experience looking to shift their careers. And considering the uncertainty that still surrounds several industries, it is only fair to expect professionals looking to venture into new ones. To make this transition smoother and work long, they will have to upskill or reskill themselves in the relevant skills.

Below are some of the highest paying jobs:

Data scientist: The role of a data scientist is significant for a business’s objective of forging ahead. This professional is tasked to analyze complex business data that could be structured and unstructured. They hold expertise in computer science, statistics, and maths. Their key responsibility is to derive valuable insights from data coming from various sources, including smart devices, social media, and emails, amongst others. Companies these days have access to massive amounts of data that they cannot use in the right way. This is where the role of a data scientist comes in. A data scientist could start with earning 8-12 LPA and reach up to 60-70 LPA by gaining experience and expertise in the field.

Cybersecurity specialists: As many companies have already undergone a digital transformation and others are soon planning to join them, the need for organizations to invest in cybersecurity specialists is getting more and more critical. This is why the demand for cybersecurity professionals is on an upward rise. These professionals come with computer forensics, analytical, and problem-solving capabilities. They equip businesses of every type and size to guard themselves against cybercrimes. The salary of a cybersecurity professional usually starts from 6-8 LPA and can go up to 30-40 LPA.

Cloud architects and engineers: In a recent report released by IDC, it is mentioned that the cloud services market in India will reach $10.8 billion in the coming 3 years. Candidates in this field bring expertise in cloud computing, database management, and programming skills. The salary of cloud professionals ranges from 6-8 LPA to 30 LPA depending on experience in the field.

Full stack developer: The role of a full stack developer involves working on both sides of the application development process – server-side and client-side. Their top skills include coding capabilities in different languages, database management, UX/UI management, and more. From writing clean codes to creating databases and more, they fulfil many responsibilities in the software design and development process. The salary of a full stack developer could be anything from 5-12 LPA based on experience.

Digital marketing manager: The role of a digital marketing manager primarily involves planning and managing digital marketing campaigns to promote products and services, and brands. Their responsibilities include trend analysis, metrics analysis, planning campaigns, keeping track of campaigns, and ensuring campaigns are delivering expected results. Almost every company that does digital marketing of any sort needs a digital marketing manager. And this is also one of the highest-paying jobs for 2022. A digital marketing manager can make up to 14-15 LPA.

To land a high paying job, candidates need to have the right skills. For all those who are just entering the job market and those who are planning to shift their careers, this is the right time to upskill and reskill.


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