Upskilling To Make A Return To Work Easier For Women In The Workforce

Women returning to work after a break have to deal with several challenges to effect a smooth transition. The biggest challenge exists in the form of lack of skill or inadequate skills to fulfil the new work requirements and get used to the new work culture. This issue is clearly highlighted in a recent survey done by JobsForHer, in collaboration with S P Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR). According to this survey that aimed to study the need to upskill before coming back to work after a break due to any reason, more than 60% of women participants said that they would want to upskill before rejoining. That’s a staggering 23% increase in the corresponding figures from the survey conducted last year.

What this survey makes amply evident is that women in the workforce are willing to take their respective careers forward and at the same time, want to look for upskilling opportunities to be able to be efficient and productive for their respective organizations when they return to work. The hybrid model of working is tipped as the future of work. 

More and more organizations are getting used to this new mode of work and this has resulted in a significant rise in the number of career opportunities for women. 

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Organizations are also taking measures to ensure that they make the most of the diverse talent pool of women that are available to them. Many organizations have gone that extra mile to upgrade their returnee programs to make returning to work easier for women, who were on a career break. 

JobsForHer also released the DivHERsity Benchmarking Report 2020-21 recently, which shares some interesting details about women in the workforce. According to this report, nearly 70% of large organizations have special policies in place to hire women who are returning to work. The report also says that more than 90% of women believe that upskilling can go a long way in helping them land the desired job. The same report also mentions that 60% of women are of the opinion that a management degree could do wonders to their chances of moving upwards in their careers.

Women now understand that upskilling is the way to go if they want to build their confidence and get used to the corporate environment again before making a comeback. Women planning to return to work are searching for both offline and online versions of curated courses to upgrade their skills. And there are more than enough options to choose from as well as there are many courses available to cater to different skills, disciplines, and learner levels. 

There are courses available for women in the workforce, who have been on a career break, to acquire the knowledge and skills required for leadership roles. The objective is to instil business acumen in women who have been away from the corporate world for a while so that it becomes easier for them to make the transition. 

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