Recruiting Technology – Six Sure-shot Tips For Right Candidate Hiring

With technology spearheading the progressive wave in every field, the recruiting world is not far behind. Human resources are moving on from traditional hiring methods to recruiting technology to make hiring and sourcing an efficient, quick, and convenient process for all. The candidates are consumers in the hiring market, so to appeal to the best in the sea of talents, technology-based apps and processes are emerging as lucrative mediums for businesses in the last few years. Also, gone are the days when an organization’s name and success were sufficient to impress and interest a candidate for the job. Candidates are looking at what the company has to offer to help them grow and how the organization would enhance their professional experiences. Hence, recruiting technology has become the need of the hour for HR management to augment their organization’s persona in the market.

However, recruiting technology for sourcing, interviewing, and hiring is not a fresh concept in the business world. Several apps and processes have been stirring the fire and influencing businesses with their progressive, efficient, and user-friendly methods. And although recruiting candidates requires a human touchpoint, the future looks promising for AI-based apps. The reason being, AI-based technologies carry out trivial, time-consuming, and challenging tasks rapidly and effortlessly, thus giving the HR teams a breather and mind space to focus on crucial affairs. Also, the pandemic has painted a new perspective to the employers that their teams are far more technology-friendly than they anticipated. Therefore, it’s safe to state that recruiting technology is the next big move to augment hiring processes and customer engagement in the HR world. 

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Here are six technology-based processes and tools that are influencing recruiters and candidates and are emerging as successful aspirants to take over the traditional interviewing methods:

  1. Chatbots

Chatbots are rapidly becoming an indispensable integration for HR management. Leading the race when it comes to recruiting technology, chatbots are seamlessly making trivial and time-consuming tasks efficient and easy for recruiters. From taking over initial tasks such as guiding candidates to choose their preferred field and helping recruiters scheduling interviews, chatbots can also deliver time-to-time application status to the candidates, thus elevating the overall user experience. Additionally, these android assistants help build trust, customer engagement and increase conversion through their prompt, human-like, and empathetic responses through various communication mediums (text, chat messengers, and email).

  1. Programmatic recruiting

Programmatic job marketing has been expanding the recruiting landscape in India for a few years now. Although the business world is yet to go full-scale on recruiting technology for HR purposes, programmatic-based advertising has been beneficial in helping businesses target the right candidates at the right time and on the right platform. The tool uses AI to place job ads on several high traffic consumer platforms on the internet (such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc.) to appeal to candidates. These ads are cost-effective, candidate-driven, and result-oriented as they ensure minimal ad costs and high reach making it an ideal tool for budget-friendly hiring processes.

  1. Mobile recruiting

It’s no secret that texting is the most convenient form of communication for consumers. From paying bills, buying essentials to ordering groceries, everything is possible by texting, so why not job hunt? Owing to its 98% open rate and the fact that everyone has a cellphone today, texting is indubitably one of the most efficient ways to promote job ads. Moreover, SMS marketing ensures a quick and high response rate compared to emails that may end up in junk or spam folders. Also, companies with mobile-friendly websites tend to have a higher candidate engagement and responses too. This is why recruiting technology such as texting will undoubtedly be lucrative for businesses because it is rapid, time-efficient, allows bulk messaging, and is AI- and chatbot-friendly as well.

  1. Video recruiting

Before the pandemic, video recruiting was a partially-explored concept in India applied to interview candidates overseas or outside city and state. However, the pandemic has compelled HRs to go full-scale with video recruiting and hiring, making the process all the more convenient and time-efficient for them and the candidates. The HRs can fill in the positions swiftly without wasting time. Also, the candidates can avoid spending on traveling or waiting to hear from the recruiters since video interviews ensure rapid interactions and engagement. Hailed as a futuristic recruiting technology, video recruiting is here to stay post-pandemic as well, given that AI and VR are soon to make a high-tech shift in the HR world.

  1. Virtual reality experience

Virtual reality as a part of the recruitment process is no longer a far-fetched notion. With multinational companies looking to augment candidate experience before joining, virtual reality is the next-gen ultra-modern recruiting technology to look out for in the future. With virtual reality recruitment processes, the companies can organize virtual interview processes, virtual tours, and meet-greet sessions for the candidates before they join the company.

  1. AI recruiting

AI is rapidly taking over the business world with automation carrying out trivial and laborious tasks to improve time and work efficiency. So, why not in the recruitment world too? With automation reducing rummaging and other time-consuming challenges, the recruiter can connect with candidates on more crucial affairs instead. Also, with umpteen talents and resumes to browse through, automation or AI-based apps can hunt out skilled candidates that are best suited for the roles with trained and defined algorithms. And it is true, recruiting technology such as artificial intelligence is bound to affect manual human resources practices, but it will aid the recruiters and help them enhance candidate’s experience during face-to-face interactions.

It’s about time organizations progress to recruiting technology for high efficiency and positive outcomes rather than adhering to time-honored interview practices. With candidates eyeing companies that indulge in advanced and modern methods, the HR teams must look at these talents as consumers waiting to be impressed and appealed before they agree to work for them. And with multiple technology-based apps and tools making the task convenient, quick, and efficient, it’s safe to say that recruiting technology will be indispensable for human resources in the coming future.


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