How Is Paid Parental Leave Beneficial?

Many companies have vacation policies, but employees may be reluctant to take those leaves or paid time off for various reasons. A Glassdoor report found that most people who receive paid time off only take about half of it. Fear being the main reason behind not taking your full quota of leaves; fear that projects will not be finished, deadlines may be missed, or some important detail in the project might be omitted. Or worst of all, the company will manage things just fine in their absence and they will lose their jobs.

One such paid leave is paid parental leave. It is a critical time for both parents to bond with their child. But people are still reluctant to take these leaves for the same reason mentioned previously. Paid parental leave policy is also in the best interest of the company. There is no way for parents that have just had a baby to perform at the same level as before. This is when parental leave comes as a great employee benefit at this time.

Indian parents, especially fathers of new-borns don’t spend enough time with their babies due to work. However, fatherhood is a special feeling. So they should try and make the most of their parental paid leaves and as much time with their baby and wife as possible.

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According to a study, men who do not take vacations increase their risk of having a heart attack by 30% and women by 50%. Stress can lead to other health problems also including depression, headaches and a weak immune system. And parental leave policy gives them that time off from work that they need to return re-energized. 

Here are some paid parental leave benefits that you should definitely know:

Stress relief: Stress relief is probably the most important benefit. Employees who every now and then take time off from work whether to go on a vacation or just spend some quality time with their new born or with their family are more refreshed and energetic at work. They are able to manage their workload much better than those employees who do not take leaves.

Health benefits: As mentioned earlier as well, taking time off from work when there is a new addition to the family helps employees to stay healthy in general. A lot of health issues related to or caused by stress are better managed by taking time off from work, especially at a time when your family needs you.

Improves focus and concentration levels: As a new parent, life can change drastically almost immediately. Though this is a beautiful phase of life it comes with its own trials and tribulations. At this juncture of life when employees take some time away from work they feel more relaxed and have better focus and concentration levels as they have been given adequate time to focus and structure homelife. A calm and relaxed mind is better at decision making and can do more work in a shorter time limit.

Paid parental leaves can help employees get a promotion or a raise: This is because when they have had time off to manage and take care of the transition they have experienced as a new parent, they return to work with better focus and commitment. According to a research, employees who take time off from work score better in their end of the year reviews and hence have a better chance of getting a raise or even getting promoted.

Help bond with family/loved ones: Constantly staying immersed in work and not taking time off from your job to spend time with your loved ones can lead them to drift apart over time and weaken your ties. So it is important to take some time off from your work whether it is paternity leave or maternity leave or just paid leaves to maintain your relations with your family and friends.


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