Right Job Interview Questions Completes Half The Task To Right Candidate Selection

Well begun is half done. Asking the right job interview questions is essential to be able to weed out the candidates that are not a right fit for the organization. The right questions usually focus on checking the skills, cognitive thinking, decision-making abilities and if the candidate is culturally fit for the organization. While it is essential  to ask questions, listening to their responses carefully will give interviewers a clear idea about the prospective employee.

It is always the HR team that carries out the initial interview process basically to gauge the candidates skills and interest and also get clarity about their application and resume. While recruiting is all about filling vacancies in an organization, talent acquisition tends to focus on appropriate candidates for a specific long term tenure. With this in mind, an interviewer must be prepared to ask the right job interview questions.

The types of interviews that are conducted in organizations are many. Some include behavioral interviews, online interviews, group interviews, telephonic and video interviews. Gamification is the newest form of interview in the current market. Besides these, one may experience employment-related interviews such as exit and informational interviews throughout the course of their career.

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Listed below are interview questions that give a meaningful insight into the interviewees personality.

Question #1 – Have you experienced a challenging situation at work, if so how did you overcome it?

How this helps: Solving the crisis under difficult situations in a calm and practical manner and coming up victorious reveals the inner strength and their problem solving skills at the same time.

Question #2 – How would you describe your ideal work day?

How this helps: Employees are usually most happy and most productive when they work in an ideal environment. Knowing whether a person would be a good culture fit also helps learn about a candidate’s behavior and values.

Question #3 – In simple terms, what was first thought upon stepping onto the premises for the interview?

How this helps: This question highlights how the interviewee perceives the organization and what he/she is expecting from it. It gives the interviewer an idea whether the candidate is interested in being a part of the company for the long haul. 

Question #4 – Describe an instance in your previous job where you failed at a task assigned to you and what you did to control the situation

How this helps: This question helps interviewers better understand the mindset of the individual and how they react and compose themselves and their attitude when faced with critical situations.

Question #5 – Do you have the technical skills required to do the job? 

How this helps: This question highlights the hard skills that a potential employee requires to be able to perform his/her duties in the organization. It helps the interviewer gauge the technical knowledge and skills of the candidate and whether they would be a good match for the vacancy.

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