COVID-19 Impact: HCL Tech’s Recruitment Process In India To Go Virtual

The company will recruit 15,000 freshers and honour all the offers.

HCL Technologies’ recruitment process will be virtual this year in the wake of COVID-19 and this is likely to stay, said VV Apparao, Chief Human Resources Officer of the company.

In a recent interaction with Moneycontrol, Apparao said, “We will remain 100 percent virtual in on-boarding and recruitment,” and added that it gives the company a lot of flexibility.

“Today, we don’t have to meet any candidate and our on-boarding is online too. As we speak, we are trying to recruit 4,000-odd people and we are not calling anyone to office. Interview panels are virtual, candidates come online, offers go online and they are on-boarded online,” he added.

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Earlier, candidates and panelists will find time to meet, at times travelling long distances. Then panelists have to sit together and collate the information and take a decision. “The whole process takes a long time and requires a huge amount of coordination. Now our process is completely digital,” Apparao noted.

The platform, however, is hardly new as the company has been investing in it for the last two years. “We have been preparing for this day, COVID-19 might have accelerated this a bit,” he pointed out.

Source: Moneycontrol

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