India’s Skill Gap Issue: The Need For Trained Professionals Is At An All Time High

As rapid digitalization becomes commonplace for businesses today, the need for a workforce that possesses skills to respond to these changes in a productive way has been crucial. Over the past few years, despite numerous efforts by consecutive governments, we are facing an acute shortage of skilled workforce across the globe. There is also a serious skill gap issue in India.

The current cybersecurity workforce is 2.8 million, while we need 4.7 million professionals to be trained and skilled to close the skills gap, says ISC. Today, in India, there is a shortage of over 1 million cybersecurity professionals as per DSCI. To address the issue, the Indian government has announced Rs. 3000 crore and Rs 99.3000 crore, respectively, for ‘Skills and Education’ segments in the Union Budget 2020. This fund allocation for education is higher than the last budget by 5 percent.

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“For a country that supports a majority of the world’s technology outsourcing requirements, it’s alarming to see that India’s talent shortage is 9 percent higher than the global average. As India grapples with a spate of cyber-attacks and growing skills shortage in cybersecurity, the need to rethink strategies to develop and improve the existing cyber workforce has never been more material,” says Diwakar Dayal, managing director at Tenable India.

Source: DataQuest

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