Benefits of Social Recruiting

Social recruiting is a term used to define the process of hiring or recruiting a professional through social media. It allows recruiters to leverage social media as a tool to aid in the  recruitment process. The procedure of recruiting a new professional may sometimes get stressful as there may be a lack of suitable applications. Social media as a platform is a vast, varied and diverse space where one can interact and meet professionals with various skills and talents. Even though social media is very often viewed as an informal platform, the space provided by social media can be used to its advantage for companies looking for perfect candidates to fit the position. Social recruiting has a few drawbacks but the benefits of social recruitment should be considered.

There are various benefits of social recruiting. These can be classified on various rubrics. Sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect candidate to fit the job role. With the use of social media, a company can find exactly what they are looking for.

Finding the perfect fit

With the help of social recruiting, a company can find a perfect fit for the position they would like to hire. Through social recruitment, one can go through the profile of various candidates as well as approach candidates that might not have applied but could play out the role perfectly. A recruiter can view the history of the candidate, past experiences, educational background and other essential information that the recruiter may require. Due to the multiple platforms offered by social media, a recruiter can approach a platform that suits the needs of the position. One can use filters based on age, educational qualifications, years of experience in the field, demographics, skills, etc.

The recruiter may get access to any previously published work as well as know a little more about the personality of the candidate if the approach is done through platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. A recruiter may even get access to the candidate’s views, opinions and judgements that can reveal the  analytical thinking and personal qualities of the candidate.

Every company functions differently. Social recruitment as a process can ensure that those who will fill out the position will be a great fit for the position culturally. This strengthens the existing culture of the company and further creates harmony within the company.

Increases visibility for the company

Once the company has posted the vacancy of a position on social media, it opens avenues for various candidates with different backgrounds and skills to apply for the job. Social recruiting can create a higher number of applications, which allows the recruiter to choose from a higher list of options. This way the recruiter is not limited to a certain number or options and can pick up the most suitable from among the vast candidatures.

Spread the word

With the help of social recruitment, the message of hiring gets spread at a fast rate. Not only are individuals more aware of the company name and brand, but their chances of applying increases as the name of the brand strengthens. This, in turn, makes the brand stronger as it becomes more desirable.

Existing employees posting on their personal social media platforms increases the number of known candidates that apply. This creates more referrals and there is a high prabability that those who apply may have similar backgrounds with those already employed with the company.

Similar mindsets

Having an open and progressive mindset is essential for any company that wishes to expand. Through social recruiting, the recruiter can ensure that the candidate displays signs of similar mindsets as the company and employees of the company.

Glancing through one’s social media profile, a recruiter can know to a certain extent how comfortable the candidate is with the use of modern technology. It’s important in a professional space to be up-to-date with modern technology as it is extremely advantageous to the company. With digitalization enveloping workplace, it becomes imperative for a candidate to be on par, thanks to social recruiting process, an employer can identify these traits in the initial hiring stages at zero cost.

Interact with the candidate

Unlike traditional ways of recruitment, social recruitment allows the recruiter to get in touch with the candidate through multiple platforms. One can hold an informal as well as formal conversations to see if the candidate is a cultural fit for the company. This way one can see as well as test talent first hand and doesn’t have to depend only on a resume or an interview. Through social recruitment, a recruiter can have conversations with candidates with geographical limitations. A recruiter can gauge the personality of the candidate without having to go through any paperwork.

Cut Costs

Social recruiting allow recruiters to meet many more candidates at a much cheaper rate. The process of recruitment can be a tedious and expensive affair. It may be expensive both in terms of money and time. With the help of social media, recruiters can talk to multiple candidates at the same time at a minimal cost. With the help of social media, using the various filters, recruiters don’t need to waste time in searching for candidates that suit the position. As there is no cost involved in this process, even if the position isn’t filled, the company doesn’t face any monetary loss.

Leads to vast opportunities

Posting vacancies on social media as well as building one’s brand on social media leads to various opportunities. It might bring together those looking to collaborate on various projects. Professionals may approach for other partnerships. It can also create avenues for sponsorships and affiliations for the brand.

In conclusion, social recruitment as a process is highly beneficial. It saves time, cost and adds a personal touch to the recruitment process. While hiring a professional to fill in a position in a company, one should be careful as hiring a bad leader may cause serious harm to the company in terms of process productivity as well as financial loss. Social recruiting allows the recruiter to filter out candidates, approach desirable candidates as well as interact with them before starting the hiring process.

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