Talent Acquisition: Companies are Improving Careers Page to Up their Game

The talent acquisition game has reached heights that it hasn’t seen ever. And the trend is expected to continue in the future as well. That is why organizations need to market their exclusivity to candidates at every possible opportunity. One of the ways that organizations can use to beat the competition and bring top talent over to their side is the careers page on their website.

The careers page helps organizations find the right talent for open positions and offer a unique value proposition to candidates. It has been found that if the careers page of an organization is made correctly and features valuable information, it will attract more candidates to apply for an open position. So, organizations that are finding it hard to fill talent gaps need to run through their careers page to figure out what changes they can make to optimize it. Here are a few additions to the careers page that can help organizations in improving their recent talent acquisition numbers:

  • A video can do wonders for the careers page. Videos are amongst the most consumed media forms in the world. Text, sometimes, goes under the radar and isn’t able to garner the attention it is supposed to. However, that’s not the case with videos. A video with the right proportion of visual and textual elements and a brand-specific tone can get more candidates to apply. And a well-made video will help in converting more candidates into employees. It is important not to stretch the duration of the video too much. A short video that speaks about organizations work culture, and employee-centric approach will go a long way in luring candidates. Organizations with limited resources don’t have to shoot an altogether new video. A pre-recorded video of a recent event can also do the trick.
  • The careers page also needs to feature the mission statement of the organization. However, it is crucial to modify it according to the current job market. The mission statement can have a considerable impact on potential and existing employees and how they go about fulfilling their responsibilities on a day-to-day basis. Attracting top talent would require organizations to lay out roles that can help them meet their objectives in a time-restricted manner. Using words that resonate with talent in the current job market is very important – team player, collaborative, innovative, and others are more popular today than words like responsible. When organizations are transparent and clear about their work culture, they are more likely to hire the best talent and keep them for a longer time.

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  • The careers page should also have testimonials from employees. This will give job applicants a fair idea of how employees are treated and what it is like to work with them. Testimonials from employees that have been promoted recently can make the most impact. Another way of doing this is to feature a list of the organization’s best performers and share their success stories. They can share different things about working with the company and how they are provided with the resources and support to succeed. It is an excellent way to tell potential employees what they need to do to achieve and move up the pecking order. What makes this work is that the employees are saying this and not someone from the leadership.
  • Organizations should also speak about diversity and inclusion on the careers page at their workplace. Diversity and inclusion at the workplace are amongst the trending topics. So, if organizations have such measures in place, they should highlight them. No matter what background employees come from, they should all work together to achieve common goals. This is especially important when attracting someone who is unbelievably talented. These people usually look beyond the standard benefits and consider diversity and inclusion and gender equity and equality amongst other such things as equally important parameters for choosing to work with a company.
  • The careers page should be subdivided into another page that lists all the open positions, eligibility criteria, job descriptions, and more. It is simple. It shouldn’t be difficult for top talent to find working opportunities with an organization. So, all the job opportunities should be openly listed out for everyone to see and apply. And the job description should be as descriptive as possible. There should be no room for confusion. Also, this page should have information that makes the application process easier for candidates. All the important dates should also be mentioned clearly. By being transparent, organizations get all the complexity out of the process.
  • It is not just about having a relevant careers page; it is essential to share it on different social media platforms. LinkedIn is the ideal option as it primarily caters to professional people. By sharing their careers page content on LinkedIn, organizations will reach more candidates, especially those that are perfect for the job. Facebook is another social media platform that companies can promote their careers page and job openings. In addition to job opportunities, social media channels can also be used to discuss diversity and inclusion and how an organization is working in this direction.

The careers page on a company website is often the most uninteresting. And companies usually don’t put too much effort into making it appeal to talent. However, if they spend half the time on the careers page that they spent on other pages, they will be able to witness the difference in their talent acquisition efforts.


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