Jobs Are Back! 50% Indian IT Firms Are Hiring; 3-5 Yrs Experienced Staff In Great Demand

Naukri’s twice-a-year survey on hiring outlook of companies in the next 6 months has recently concluded with positive results.’s Hiring Outlook survey says that in India hiring is coming back to almost pre-Covid levels as lay offs are reducing and hiring is increasing. 

Here are the figures.

Business Back to Normal

Terminations accounted for just 1% compared to the 36% in the last survey in which recruiters shared the percentage of their organisations.

40% of those hiring have expressed optimism of returning to normalcy in just 3 months in terms of hiring. This is in contrast to the last survey which had only half the level of consensus.

Recruiters who halted their activities are now at 11% as opposed to the 5% who said they are suspending hiring in the Sep 2020 survey.


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