Tech Trends In HR In 2021: Technology At Workplace

While the pandemic devastated the economy, it also created an opportunity to propel advancements in the HR industry and forced organisations to redesign hiring and human resource management to suit the workplace of the future.

According to a survey by Gartner, 88% of business organisations all over the world mandated or encouraged their employees to work from home, and 97% of organisations immediately cancelled all work-related travel. The remote workplace became a reality almost overnight. This new normal transformed all activities of a typical office to the virtual medium. Beginning from virtual meetings to virtual hiring, everything is being supported by technology, which, in itself, is evolving at a rapid pace. However, virtual hiring comes with its own set of challenges. With no personal interviews, reading body language and facial expressions to assess a candidate becomes difficult even by experts. As applicants don’t always reveal everything in spoken words, these are an effective way of evaluating candidatures. Recruiters are on a lookout for a technology that could help read human emotions and predict behaviour.

Source: Financial Express

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