Future Of Hiring Is Digital

COVID-19 can be regarded as a watershed moment in the history of mankind. It has changed the way people live, interact, and do business. Earlier in the year, when the pandemic had just started spreading to different parts of the world, many businesses shut their operations, leaving millions unemployed. Others either put a hold on their plans of hiring new people or reduced their hiring budget significantly. However, things have started getting back on track. The future of hiring doesn’t look as glum as it did a few months ago. And as more and more businesses are exploring alternatives to regular office-based working, they need a new recruitment strategy to get back to hiring.

It wouldn’t be wise to straightway predict what the future of recruiting will be like because the future trends in recruitment are changing by the day. Experts predict that remote working will be a norm but wouldn’t be as commonly accepted as a replacement for office-based working as some trends predicted in the past. Blended and hybrid working will also be there but how commonplace, only the future of work will tell. So the future of recruitment and selection will also have to take into account what the world of work goes through.

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The future of hiring will also involve businesses prioritizing the hiring and retention of candidates with additional skills. The idea behind this recruitment strategy would be to have people onboard who can seamlessly transition into other roles within the organization, if and when required. Also, job roles that were once important to the success and growth of a business may not remain so in the future. They could be replaced by other roles. So the new hiring strategy will have to account for this change as well.

Whether organizations choose remote or hybrid working, they will have to make sure that they have adequate IT infrastructure in place. With a proper work setup, there is no point in hiring new people. This is what happened in the first couple of months of the pandemic. Most organizations didn’t have the proper tools and technology to allow their employees to work remotely.

There is little denying the fact that the future of recruiting is digital. The process of attracting, hiring, onboarding, and training employees will all be done through different digital channels. The dependence on digital hiring methods will go beyond everyone’s expectations.

The future of hiring will need to have processes that focus on the changes that the pandemic has brought to the regular way of working. So they should emphasize a flexible work schedule, skill development, and crisis management ability. With these new hiring processes in place, employees will be better equipped to make telling contributions to the success and growth of their organization.

The post-pandemic world will be very different and the businesses that manage to live through this period will be able to make the most of the new trends in recruitment to hire people that best fit their needs.

Reference: “Decoding the future of hiring in a post-Covid-19 world” | Dr Vishalli Dongrie | 24 May 2020

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