HRMS Software: HR And Payroll Management Made Easy

HRMS software is a technical system that is put in place to automate the routine as well as complex human resources processes and tasks inside an organization. HR management software helps in simplifying various aspects of dealing with employee information, including processing, storage, and management.  It saves organizations and their HR departments all the time and effort of having to manually handle all this data. The best HR management software will be a cost-effective HRMS platform that offers a whole host of human resources related solutions. Here are five best HRMS software in India:

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  • GreyHR: GreyHR is one of the most popular HR software in India. GreyHR is known to provide seamless human resource and payroll management solutions to both startups as well as established enterprises. Its popularity can be gauged by its presence in over 60 countries throughout the world. This HR management software comes with demos and webinars that provide the necessary background you need to put it to effective use. GreyHR is the ideal solution for payroll management, training management, leave management, performance evaluation, insurance management, attendance tracking, TDS and tax planning, rewards and recognition management, and much more.
  • Zoho People: This HRMS software provides HR teams all the tools they need to be more productive, up-to-date, and efficient. Zoho People’s mobile application for both iOS and Android platforms helps proper management of HR functions, even on the move. Some of the areas that this software helps in handling include payroll management, document management, leave management, performance evaluation, employee onboarding, rewards and recognition management, and others.
  • Spine HR and Payroll: This is amongst the most user-friendly and flexible of HR management software. Spine HR helps in storing complete employee records, handles payroll function, and complies with industry standards to offer you a solution that helps you easily handle tasks and processes related to employee workflow, accounting, and management. Some of its features include asset management, attendance management, document management, knowledge management, expense management, and employee self-service management amongst others.
  • TeamLease DWS: The Digital Workforce Solution (DWS) by TeamLease Services is a mobile application based HRMS system that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. It helps in automating different aspects related to the modern workforce, thus bringing in more efficiency into all the daily human resources tasks and processes. Some of the areas that this HRMS helps organisations include attendance management, expense tracking and management, leave management, shift management, reimbursement management, payroll integration, and much more.
  • EliteHRMS: This HR management software helps organizations to manage employees and their data in the most efficient manner possible. EliteHRMS can be used by companies belonging to different industries, including food and beverage, IT/ITES, production, and others. This HRMS system helps the HR team of an organization to streamline the handling of all the activities related to the management of employees – right from the time they were hired till their exit or retirement. Some of its best features include asset management, attendance management, email integration, HR and payroll, performance management, recruitment management, expense management, project management, and others.

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Having different HRMS systems for managing different functions doesn’t serve the purpose. Organizations going this way will continue spending a lot of time, money, and resources in managing different aspects of human resource and payroll management. Human resource management system software that provides a one-stop solution for the management of all these functions is the best bet. This article offers you five great options to choose from.

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